Busta 929 Accused Of Being A Paedophile - AGAIN

He is allegedly dating a 17 year old

By  | Feb 21, 2022, 08:30 AM  | Drama

Busta 929
In the wake of the “Surviving R Kelly” documentary, everyone is on high alert about people on influence who may be trying to take advantage of younger people. Now, Busta 929 finds himself in the middle of a similar controversy as he is labelled a paedophile.

The rapper, DJ and producer has found himself under fire on social media. Pictures recently emerged online of him and a girl he is rumoured to be dating. From the photos, she seems to be rather young. And social media detectives now say that she was born in 2005, which would mean she turns 17 in 2022. 

In the pictures, the two of them seem to be in a hotel room in the middle of what looks like a party. They are both holding bottles of alcohol, and in one, he holds the girl rather affectionately as she takes a mirror selfie. 

The photos have caused an outrage online, as Tweeps now call for him to be arrested for being a paedophile. Parallels have been drawn between him and the famous American singer whose downfall came because of paedophilia. Fans believe that Busta 929 is just another R Kelly who is lying to young girls by promising them record deals, just so he can sleep with them. 
This is not the first time that such allegations have surfaced about Busta 929. A few years back, some footage emerged of him partying with girls who were later identified as underage. Back then, he issued an apology, saying that the video was grossly taken out of context. 

He said that he had picked up the “young women” on his way home from a night out. One of them spoke about being interested in doing music with him, so he took them all to his house, where he has a record studio, so they could start recording music. Does that sound like a weak explanation to you? Well, it gets worse. 

Apparently, after he went home with them, they were there for some two days, so one of them took a shower at some point. A photo of her in a towel only was taken and made its way to the internet, so fans immediately assumed that he had been doing something else. He said his team was there, as well as his girlfriend, and the girl’s friends were present too, so it could not have been what everyone was thinking. 
As you can imagine, nobody believed a word of his apology. He then went underground and only surfaced to release new music. But this time, social media is fuming, and they want him arrested. He is yet to respond to these new allegations. 

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