Cassper Gets It From The #PutSouthAfricansFirst Gang

Maybe silence is the best option!

By  | Oct 17, 2020, 12:52 PM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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Cassper Nyovest is the latest media personality to get shaken by the #PutSouthAfricansFirst gang, after showcasing his support for the movements against the violence experienced by fellow Africans in the continent.

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You might ask who is the #PutSouthAfricansFirst gang is. Well, a quick summary of the formation and their reasoning. The “Put South Africans Movement” is one that arose during the height of the lockdown in South Africa. The cause is to have our local government prioritize South Africans in economic and employment, raising from suggestions that foreign nationals are normally prioritized I concern to the aforementioned areas.  The movement, on social media at least, is led by Twitter account called Lerato Pillay.
So when Cassper went on Twitter to showcase his continued support for the #EndSars and #EndPoliceBrutality movements that are meant to highlight the injustices taking place in Nigeria. Similar Nasty C who was one of the first local entertainers to publicly show his support, Cassper had to deal with backlash from tweeps. The backlash over the time it allegedly took for him to showcase his support, with Cassper having to check a fan. Other comments that dragged him suggested that it was ironic that he is vocal about other nationalities struggles, but not those of his own citizens.

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But Cassper tried to ignore the backlash and share more his support by highlighting the #CongoIsBleeding movement. The hashtag is an attempt to have the world focus on the unjust killing of the Congolese. The hashtag shared information stating that currently in Congo there is a mass genocide of its people over the natural mineral, Coltan. What is alleged is that the North, including states in Europe and the United States are funding militia from Rwanda and Uganda to kill the people of Congo, in order to continue stripping Congo of coltan, without paying for it.
So when Cassper showed his support of the movement to bring attention to the grave injustice taking place in Congo. Again, the rapper got backlash for allegedly showing support for movements and injustices taking place in other countries in the continent, but fails to do so with matters closer to home.
So Cassper directed a whole tweet to the #PutSouthAfricansFirst movement.  The “Good For That” musician cautioned supprters of the movement, suggesting that people that support the hashtag should be cautious not to be xenophobic in an effort to bring light to the real economic and employment crisis locally. His post, aimed to highlight that it is possible to be a proud South African with being xenophobic towards fellow foreign nationals that come from same continent.
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