Cassper Is Not Done With SA Hip Hop

He bashes the 'gatekeepers' once more

By  | Oct 28, 2021, 10:32 AM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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Cassper Nyovest still has a bone to pick with the so-called Hip Hop gatekeepers. The rapper who decided to catch a break from the genre and is currently enjoying his stay at Amapiano, is not liking the competitive nature that is in SA Hip Hop. He reckons that the genre should stop excluding itself from SA Music as a whole.

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Cassper wants the new kids on the block to explore their talents and not box themselves to just being rappers in the Hip Hop industry. The growing number of Amapiano rappers is proof enough that there is no restriction to rap and Cass wants the music industry to know that.

If you take a look at some of the popular Amapiano vocalists such as Sir Trill, most of them rap and drop bars in the yano's tracks. Trill shared a video of him rapping and Cassper, as well as many others, were blown away. His video gave Cassper an idea to speak even more about the issues he has with SA Hip Hop.

He says if SA Hip Hop does not open up more to the other genres, it might sink.

He is just echoing the same sentiments as Gigi Lamayne, who said she is giving up SA Hip Hop. In an IG video she said, “I am leaving South African Hip Hop, and it’s conventional ways of doing things. I will be experimenting with other genres. King Monada and myself are currently in studio.. a few people from other genres,” she said adding that she wants to explore other genres, and not box herself too much.

"I do feel like the Hip Hop situation in South Africa right now is a little toxic in it's own ways, and not to say I am completely detaching from that, but I am definitely going to be in my own lane," she concluded.

Gigi has always made it known how much she despises SA Hip Hop. A few months back she tweeted, "I’ve had to fight since I joined This industry. Your artists Are worse though. They are traitors to the culture . I was apparently too dark and ugly to make it now people wanna smile ? Why?" She then asked for people's support when she finally decides to expose the industry, "You industry is the pits SA. I hope you’ll support me when it’s all said and done."

Cassper Nyovest caught some heat from rappers including Costa Titch when he said this. Costa said he has a problem with Cassper not picking a side and this ignited beef between them.

Titch told the likes of Cassper to stick with Amapiano and not return to rap when things start to look up again, because they (Costa and crew) are fixing Hip Hop.

"I don't appreciate how you have made this situation bigger than what it actually is. I have never said I am going to save SA Hip Hop. All I said is that SA Hip Hop is uniting. If you jumped ship, then stay there and let us fix what you broke," he said.

"What I meant by that is that You keep pushing this narrative of being on either side "I'll see Hip Hop in 3 years etc." "If you tell me I'm the greatest I'll jump on a Hip Hop song again with one of the new kids." and that's not right in my opinion.

"I feel you should have the right to do anything you wish and make both genres with a positive attitude without talking down on any of the genres. Also please let's not forget that SA Hip Hop built your success in the first place. You can do any genre and still push SA music as a whole forward as you have major influence."

Cassper told Costa to sit this one out because he is a laaitie, "You disrespected me blind Costa. You were talking like a big boy. It was unnecessary and you felt like you were on fire,  now you can't take the heat. Ska phapha for no reason cause o ntwana (you're a small boy.)"

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