Mzansi Shocked As Cassper Is Exposed As A Fraud

Nota reveals that the McLaren is only for a promotion

By  | Dec 19, 2021, 08:00 AM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

Image of Cassper Nyovest
Cassper Nyovest recently made headlines for buying one of the most expensive set of wheels Mzansi has ever seen. For his birthday, he splurged on a McLaren to celebrate his success and thank himself for his hard work and dedication. But now Nota has revealed that it was all a lie. 

Media personality and music mogul Nota Baloyi is not a stranger to controversy, and he often comes under fire for throwing unnecessary shade at different Mzansi celebrities. This time, he turned his attention to Cass, and the country is shook at the revelation. 
Speaking on his podcast, Nota suggested that Cassper did not buy his McLaren as he had led his fans and followers to believe. He said that the brand only works with “the likes of” Black Coffee and DJ Euphonik

According to the music mogul, Cassper was only given the car for a promotion. As such, he does not actually own it, and will be giving it back at the end of the marketing contract. He further suggested that the promotion is unpaid, so that Cassper’s only reward is that he gets to drive around in the expensive ride as a class icon. 

Naturally, Mzansi is surprised by the allegations. The car was a dream come true for the rapper, and many of his fans were happy to see him achieve the milestone. 

More than just a symbol of wealth, Cassper’s purchase served as motivation for many of his fans and followers. When he shared the news of buying it, he inadvertently started a conversation on the timeline of what success means to different people. 

The conversation soon morphed into a discussion on the merits of education vs talent. As many know, the rapper does not have a matric certificate, and he is very proud of what he accomplished without an advanced education. In fact, the conversation had other celebrities weigh in, including Prince Kaybee who threw major shade at Cass, suggesting that even with talent, he would still prefer an education. 

Needless to say, Nota’s expose has broken many hearts in Mzansi. Tweeps are upset that so many people were ready to emulate the rapper, only for it to turn out to be fake. They are upset that Cass almost misled hundreds of Mzansi children with the “school is not necessary” conversation. 

However, many have pointed out the irony of believing Nota’s allegations over what Cass shared himself. They think Nota is once again picking an easy target to troll, when he has no evidence of such an accusation. 
Others have decided that Cass and his McLaren is the hill they will die on, proving how loyal they are to the rapper. They think it does not matter whether the car is leased for a promotion or bought, as it requires a certain status to convince a dealership like that to let you drive around in such a ride. 

Cassper is an icon either way, and it is weird that a conversation on whether he bought or leased the car would shake his fans’ confidence in him. Just from having a look at his 31st birthday celebration, we know that he does not need this McLaren to prove that he is rich. He is Don Billiato, guys. Come on! 

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