Try Not To Laugh: Cassper & Carpo Face Their Fear

Cassper & Carpo are comedy gold

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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It's no secret that Cassper and Carpo have been friends for over 2 decades and like best friends they have been through a lot together - and this time Cassper and Carpo are determined to face their fears together.

Cassper Nyovest recently had a blast at what seems to be the zoo. The rapper was there with some friends, and Carpo was there too. While the rapper enjoyed the visit, poor Carpo didn't have as much fun.

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He decided to take on the challenge of letting a snake - which looks like an Anaconda - hang around his shoulders.

Cassper was armed and ready to record the the event, while Carpo nervously psyched himself up to hold the reptile.

It got really real for Carpo in a matter of minutes when the snake started to slither and shift on his shoulders. But Carpo, must've seen his life flash before his eyes because the snake started to get a tight grip, squeezing him with every move.

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While the #GoodForThat rapper was in stitches from laughter, as he recorded it, he can be heard laughing at Carpo's expressions and the things he said.

When Carpo finally got the snake off him, the relief and fear could still be seen on his face.

Ai, shame.

You can genuinely see that Carpo has a huge fear of snakes and that with every move the snake made, there was no way of calming Carpo down - no matter how many times everyone told him to.

A sigh of relief left Carpo, after it was all over and Cassper was proud of his sweaty, tense friend.

Unfortunately, Carpo's experience with the snake will never be a distant memory as Carpo is now a popular meme.

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