Could This Be Podcast And Chill’s Ghost Lady?

Throwback Tuesday Edition

By  | Feb 28, 2023, 07:01 PM  | Drama

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Podcast and Chill with MacG, Sol Phenduka, and Ghost Lady have had one ongoing mystery and that is who the real identity of the Ghost Lady really is. When the podcast first started, the persona of the Ghost Lady was assumed by MacG’s baby mama and “wife,” content creator Toast with Naledi.

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However, by the time the podcast had started to garner attention, that role was taken over by the mysterious voice whose real name was revealed as Khanyi. Moreover, all we knew about Khanyi was that besides Podcast and Chill, in entertainment she has also worked as a voice-over artist. 

While the mystery has been one of the best-kept secrets, it seems that there is the belief that Ghost Lady a.k.a Khanyi has been discovered. 

Could this be Podcast and Chill’s Ghost Lady?

A Twitter user took to the blue app recently and shared a video, albeit blurry, but a video none than less with the cheeky caption, “Hello Ghost Lady.” The video is over two minutes and was taken during the much anticipated Black Coffee interview recording

As the video pans the room, it shows four of the female crew and cast members of the podcast. Though blurry, there is a female figure sitting with an unknown male crew member which many assumed to be Ghost Lady. But given the quality of the video, it was hard to make out any identifying figures of Ghost Lady. 
However, it took the comments section to find a more clear image of Ghost Lady. This was as a screenshot from Kat Master’s social activity was shared, including the same figure in question. As such, given that Kat Master is a close friend of the podcast, it was assumed that this really was the identity of the Ghost Lady. 
But this is not the first time that the public has assumed to have discovered the identity of Ghost Lady. A few weeks earlier, a video was circulated from a fan of the podcast that shared a glimpse of a female figure reflected on the glass award on Sol’s desk. 

While there was speculation that this was the identity of Ghost Lady. Sol Phenduka was quick to refute the claims when they started going viral on social media. Therefore, it was safe to assume that the female figure in question was not Khanyi a.k.a Ghost Lady. 
Now, it seems that it is just a matter of waiting and seeing if the latest pin-pointed female figure is the actual Ghost Lady or not. This will be clear if Sol and MacG do not address the claims, as it would only fuel the fire to discover Ghost Lady’s identity if they address it and dismiss the claims. 

However, if they do address the matter and assert that this is the identity of Ghost Lady, it will be interesting to see how the podcast will decide to use Khanyi. This is as since her identity, face specifically, has been discovered. It is only a matter of time until her social media handles are shared with the public from her close circle. 

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