Cyan Boujee Dragged Again For Another Scandal

This time she allegedly attacked someone

By  | Aug 29, 2021, 03:02 PM  | Drama

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Influencer and make-up artist  Cyan Boujiee has landed on the top trending topics again this week. This time for allegedly attacking another Influence Tshigofatso Modisane also known as Tshegoteelux on Instagram.
Tshego took to her Instagram stories to expose Cyan Boujiee, she said Cyan and her squad attacked her.

"I'm not one to entertain drama, especially when it comes to this app. But I really have to address this. I'm honestly beyond appalled by what happened yesterday. Never in my life did I ever think I'd get attacked by an influencer,

"Your fav Cyan Boujee and her squad attacked me for no reason as I did not utter a word to her the entire night. So clearly this is a personal vendetta she has against me. Lord knows what she could've done if they didn't hold her back"

Tshego also shared that her sister sent Cyan direct messages, she leaked the conversations between her sister and Cyan.
Here are few reactions from Twitter.
A few days ago, Cyan was accused of trying to sacrifice her friend Karabo who is known as Madam Spura.

Karabo said her friend had asked her to accompany her to Phalaborwa for her gig. She said on their way they stopped at the garage to get snacks then suddenly: "A cat came out of nowhere. A cat stood in front of the car...where does a cat come from while at the garage. The cat looked at was so creepy but we laughed about it...when you see a cat, it's warning you that something bad is gonna happen or a cat is witchcraft..." said  Karabo as she narrated the story on her YouTube Channel.

To cut a long story short, Karabo said the next thing she woke up in a hospital, she said she was confused: "Guys I swear the last thing that I remembered was being at the garage. the rest akitsi...I did not feel being in an accident. That was like so weird and guys I wasn't sleeping...guys I did not feel anything. I did not even know that I was involved in an accident until I woke in hospital asking what am I doing herI because nna the last time i was in a car going to Phalaborwa"

Meanwhile, Cyan allegedly continued with her trip to Phalaborwa and attended an event, Karabo said her friend got out of the car through a sunroof unharmed.
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Responding to the allegations, Cyan took to Insta Live to share her side of the story.

However, she later issued a statement apologizing for her live video. She maintained that is innocent.

“I would never attempt to sacrifice my friend’s life or anyone’s life but would rather risk my life for theirs. I found the assertions and innuendos made on social media as baseless, false, and against my personal religious beliefs," her statement read.

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