Dineo Makes Metro FM Eat Humble Pie

She has been reinstated effective immediately

By  | Jan 24, 2022, 11:55 AM  | Dineo Ranaka  | Drama

Image of Dineo Ranaka
Media personality Dineo Ranaka sparked one of the biggest controversies recently when she got suspended from her job at Metro FM. And after a dark window which saw her go through a lot of anxiety, it seems that things are finally looking up for her. 
She recently went on Instagram to share that she had been reinstated as the host of her show, The Bridge. She is back effective immediately, and she, along with her fans, is excited about it. 

Dineo has also shared that she has many great wins lined up for the next few weeks. She will be shooting a brand new TV show although she did not give any further information on what that will be. According to her, today will be her first day on set as shooting officially begins. 
In addition to both of those, Dineo will also be dropping her single Ukhona. As she had shared earlier, the release of the song couldn't have been timed more perfectly as it comes in a very turbulent season of her life. 

It is quite inspiring to see how she has held her head high through all of it. She recently took to Instagram to share with her fans how she's kept herself sane. She advised them to stop focusing on the hateful things that are said about them online, especially on Twitter. 

"We all go through a lot, and of late social media, particularly Twitter, the blue birds, they are like such a toxic environment. But for whatever it is you're going through, cause I've been going through a sh*t storm the past couple of weeks. F*ck what these people have to say about you. They don't know you. Find something to be thankful for…" she advised. 

This is not the first time that Dineo has had to stand up strongly for herself. She faced a lot of social media backlash after a video was leaked of her yelling at a man who was allegedly her lover. In the video she spoke down to him and said she had only used him as a rebound. She also accused him of using her for his ego. 
Because of the nature of her words to him she faced a lot of criticism from people who thought she was way too arrogant. And you guessed it, it was all from Twitter. Many hurtful things were said about her and it was even suggested that she needs to be knocked down a few pegs. 

But Dineo is a strong woman who takes pride in her fortitude. Although everything going on the past couple of weeks caused her a lot of mental turmoil and anxiety, she found a way to make some good out of it by launching a new clothing business that encourages those who struggle with anxiety like her. 
You don't know what exactly happened behind the closed doors between Dineo and the radio station. It may have had something with radio station 947 trolling them, or it may be because the suspension was unjustified to begin with. Either way, she wins this round and we love to see it. 

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