Dineo Ranaka out of hospital

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Dineo Ranaka  | Drama

​Last week, Dineo Ranaka posted a picture on Instagram captioned: “We’re getting better everyone. Mr Squiggle Wings keeping us cute company :). Says we’ll be out soon. I miss my talkative kids and holding my man’s hand *sigh*.

The Daily Sun reported that she was battling with meningitis, an illness she has refused to confirm.

She allegedly told the paper that she was not at liberty to discuss anything with the media.

Even though she wouldn’t discuss her health with the media, Dineo did live tweet during a session of Lumbar Puncture.

Lumbar puncture is a procedure usually used by doctors to detect and treat meningitis.

“Tweeting whilst getting a Lumbar Puncture. Strange world I live in. Strange creature God has made me. Oh well,” she tweeted just before the procedure started.

Shortly after, Dineo told followers that she was in extensive pain. “Done! The pressure in my head is OFF-BALANCE VOK! Lumbar Punctures are NOT for the weak! shit!,” she tweeted.

And yesterday, she shared a thank you message with her fans.

Good to hear Dineo is resting and ready to continue with Dineo's Diary and all its drama.


Dineo recently landed herself a feature role in the upcoming local film, Tell Me Sweet Something.

The film is set in Johannesburg and is a love story around the lives of Moratiwa (Nomzamo Mbatha), an aspiring writer who owns and runs a bookstore in the heart of Johannesburg and Nat (Maps Maponyane), a model who wants to be loved for his mind and not his body.

The film is produced by the same team behind the box office hit Material.