Dingaan Caught Up In Racist Brawl

Things got out of hand during this fight!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Dingaan Mokebe  | Drama

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South African actor Dingaan Mokebe ka Khumalo is in hot water after being caught up in an altercation with a woman in Johannesburg who he is accusing of using the K word after their fight got out of hand.

However, as we all know there are two sides to every story and after the woman in question told her version of events, the police swooped in and arrested the popular TV star.

The story began at the beginning of last week when (meme gawd) Dingaan, who has made a name for himself on Generations and Muvhango, apparently refused to allow a woman by the name of Chaan Botha to merge into his lane as the two of them looked to beat the morning traffic.

According to Sunday World, this moment of road rage quickly became a racial war when Chaan was heard yelling at Dingaan and calling him a "f***ng k****r". THis was (according to the actor) before she stepped out of her vehicle and slapped him in the face a number of times.

Meanwhile, Chaan's version of events goes a little differently. While she acknowledges the traffic fracas, she added that it was Dingaan who yelled offensive slurs when he allegedly said, "she was a white b***h that needed to be raped," before he stepped out of the car and punched her several times.

Despite the he-said-she-said nature of this story, further heated by the fact that both parties have pressed charges against one another. However, it seems as if the plice believe Chaan's version of events because not long after they both opened their cases, Dingaan was arrested for common assault.

Dingaan spat fire when contacted by Sunday World, apparently livid at the fact that the police arrested him while Chaan was allowed to walk free. He said:

"I'm taking this matter to the Human Rights Commission because white women cannot go around calling people k*****s and then go to the police and lie that they were violated because they know that the law is on their side,"

Dingaan has appeared in court today (Monday 19 August) and we will await further updates on his case in the coming days.

Do you think it is fair that only one person got arrested during this altercation?

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