Euphonik Fires Shots At His Alleged "Rape Victim" Supporters

He also blasted feminists...

By  | Feb 17, 2021, 02:42 PM  | Dj Euphonik   | Drama

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Former 94.7 radio personality, DJ Euphonik is blasted by tweeps for being unapologetic about his rape case that was dropped by the NPA due to lack of evidence.

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Both DJs denied raping a woman known as Ms Madikizela at a party in 2011. The duo also released a joint statement which stated that the allegations levelled against them were false, they’re deeply saddened that GBV has been weaponised in this manner as it’s a serious matter in the country.

The media personality also took shots at feminists and supporters of the alleged “rape victim” who accused DJ duo, DJ Fresh and Euphonik of raping her in a series of tweets:

“Shout out to the toxic feminist brigade who are conscious liars and delusionists that don’t know the difference between fact or fiction. You can’t rape someone you’ve never met and don’t know. No matter how much you want to believe it won’t make it true.

You’re not going to tell me how to react. It was funny while our names were being dragged by this lying extorshinist. Keep the the same energy going. Have a great day!”

Though the duo have been acquitted by the NPA, they are still not back on 94.7 as the radio station parted ways with them due to the rape allegations that were levelled against them.

Primedia released a statement that confirmed the news:“Primedia Broadcasting can confirm that, after careful consideration of the events of the last few weeks, the company has decided to release DJ Fresh and Euphonik from their contracts.”

Here are comments regarding Euphonik’s tweets: 

"Chief!! you need to understand that we are told to always believe the victim and had they said something Twitter would have dragged them right through, Even if she accuses u again we will keep our shut n support them we don't want to put ourselves in sh*t that u must understand."

"I spoke out, a few times I commented in your tweets or tagged you. I even tagged The Big Dawg once. Each time I asked you and The Big Dawg to not only prove your innocence, but to also make sure you get that woman arrested or whatever that the justice system will see fit."
"I was accused of sexual harrassment by UWC in 2019,they academically excluded me for 3 years,the woman who accused me,I've never touched even her hand my brother....welcome to South Africa."
"Sexual harassment is actually deeper hey, if you follow @SkeemSaam3
they had episodes that were educating us about such last year, it's not only about touching that person."

"You can rape someone you’ve never met and don’t know. Happens everyday in South Africa."

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