The Madikezela's Distance Themselves From The Letter

They claim they never wrote it...

By  | Feb 19, 2021, 10:43 AM  | DJ Fresh  | Drama

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The Madikizela’s who are the family of the woman who pressed charges of rape against Euphonik and DJ Fresh have now shocked Mzansi by denying the letter is belongs to them. The family has now distanced themselves from the letter that was released on entertainment commentator Phil Mphela’s Twitter account a few days ago.

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The letter which was released after DJ Fresh called Ms Madikizela a pathological liar, claiming that a family member contacted the DJ a few weeks and requesting the DJ to retract his tweets has now been labelled fake news!

A family representative of Ms Madikizela contacted Daily Sun and stated: 

“The statement that was distributed isn’t known in the family. And I could see that it was referring to our daughter, whom I know.

But she never spoke about this issue to us or asked us to write a statement about it. She neither asked me nor anyone close to me.

This letter misinterprets the family. What you’ll see from that statement is that it’s faceless and can’t be attributed to a single person. Not even a proper address.

It’s shameful that it would quote the family and yet no one’s name is on it, let alone a phone number.” 

The family member also stated in the interview with Daily Sun that there hasn’t been any aunt/ family member that contacted DJ Fresh.

“What came to my mind after seeing this is: how do people know which aunt called DJ Fresh? Which family member is the aunt from? It needs to be confirmed who made the decision that it’s this family.

I don’t know of any person from my family who’d have made such a call, or would have access to DJ Fresh’s contacts. DJ Fresh is very far from the rest of us.”

He also revealed that he’s written numerous media statements previously and they were just as shocked to see “their so-called” press statement on social media. 

DJ Fresh and Euphonik released a statement yesterday which is apparently from the alleged rape victim’s roommate; Michelle. In the statement, Michelle allegedly denies that she was with Ms Madikizela when she was allegedly raped a few years ago. 

The portion of the statement reads:

“Michelle, the roommate whom Ms Siphelele Madikizela claims was with her during the alleged incident, has stated under oath that: It incident that Siphelele mentioned that I was with her at a Guest House B and B. I was never there with there. I do not have any knowledge of this incident.”

 The rest of the statement is available on DJ Fresh's social media pages...

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