DJ Maphorisa Goes On An Explosive Rant

This after a criminal case was opened against him in Botswana

By  | Feb 19, 2022, 10:34 AM  | DJ Maphorisa  | Drama

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The last couple of days have not exactly been a bed of roses for Phori. Just recently, a criminal case was opened against him, after it was reported that he had made a no show in Botswana last year, and failed to refund the promoter his money. 

Since October last year, Phori and his manager have yet to communicate to the event promoter whether or not he will be doing a makeup performance or even refunding the money, and a warrant for his arrest has been issued upon entering Botswana. 

In what seems to be a response to the charges that have been filed against him, the award winning producer took to his Facebook in an epic rant, that many believe must have been a direct hit at Exotic Sebina, the promoter who is said to have opened up the case against him. 

In his post, Phori writes saying that he knows his worth and that he was only being nice to them, saying that he is not as cheap as they think he is. 

Now while of course Phori has not directly stated who his rant was meant for, his fans are pretty sure that he was responding to the Botswana incident. 


If you can recall, Phori had been paid R100 000 to perform in Botswana last year up until he decided that he would not show up. So did Phori mean that the money was too cheap for him? 

Keep in mind that the musical artist is also currently in Botswana, and we are not sure what this means for him now that a case has been filed against him. 

Taking to his comment section, his fans are encouraging him to just focus on giving them good music like he always has and give a deaf ear to everything that is being said about him. 

Others however have warned him to not be too overconfident because things may not turn out so well for him. 

It was also just the other day when the Blaqboy music label owner exposed Mlindo Da Vocalist for having back stabbed him when he was the one who discovered him back in the day. 

And while the two have been in a constant tug of war as to who exactly is telling the truth, it is clear that Phori may have even bigger problems on his hands.  
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