Maphorisa's Dirty Laundry Threatened To Get Exposed!

Here's the real reason he is beefing with Mlindo

By  | Feb 02, 2022, 10:59 AM  | DJ Maphorisa  | Drama

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Like they always say, there is always two sides to every story. But while we wait for Mlindo The Vocalist to tell his side of the story, the third party in all of this, Nyiko The Great, had his fair chance of telling his.

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After DJ Maphorisa's Facebook rant about how he was allegedly blindsided by Nyiko The Great and Mlindo The Vocalist, other people came to Mlindo's defense.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Nyiko The Great is up in arms and promised to expose DJ Maphorisa's 'shenanigans' because he apparently started it by going on a rant. Maphorisa said he is the one who gave Nyiko an opportunity to make it big and found him when he had nothing.

Refuting his claims, Nyiko said he was already established and had money, “I was never broke. When I managed Mlindo I had already established myself as an artist. I had already worked with big artists,” he clarified.

He then called Phori childish and warned that he is opening up a can of worms, “What Maphorisa is doing is immature and there is a lot of lies in his statement. He has started a big fight and he’s going to lose because he’s not being honest. We’ll expose his shenanigans and he’s not going to like it,” he told the publication.

Commenting under his Facebook post was Howard Gomba who works closely with Nyiko and Mlindo. He said Maphorisa apparently wanted Mlindo to do Amapiano but Mlindo was not interested in doing that.

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He also accused him of not caring about his artists because he did not know who was managing Mlindo The Vocalist. “How do you not know who is managing your own artist for two years, Themba? That clearly shows you were and are not interested in your own artist," he said.

He also refuted claims that Mlindo wants to come back to BlaqBoy seeing how their relationship fizzled out, "Mlindo wants to come back to BlaqBoy? He said he didn’t want to be under you anymore because you are persuading him to do Amapiano and collaborate with your other artists, which he’s not comfortable doing – hence you left him and did not care about him for two years.”

He continues by saying Nyiko was the only one who cared for Mlindo when he faced some unfortunate incidences. “You appointed Nyiko as Mlindo’s road manager, right? Who was Mlindo’s DJ? Who took him to gigs? Who was managing him? Who was taking care of his family? Who was always encouraging and advising him about starting businesses? Who was always there when the young man got involved in car accidents? People deserve to know the truth.”

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