"DJ Sbu Is A Coward!"

Zahara wants her money for Loliwe

By  | Jul 08, 2021, 09:21 AM  | Zahara  | Drama

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Imagine not getting paid for your debut album which is also one of your most successful albums in your career. All the hard work and dedication put into the album, only to not reap the benefits of all your sweat and tears. That is apparently the case with songstress Zahara who claims to not have received a single cent in royalties from Loliwe, her 2011 album she released under DJ Sbu's record label TS Records.

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The two have been involved in several back and forths for a long time now. A social media user re-ignited the beef between Zahara and DJ Sbu saying the Phendula hitmaker should just re-record Loliwe so she can benefit from the album, unlike her first attempt.

The user, who is Advocate Barry Roux's catfish said, "Can Zahara re-record the Loliwe album so we can buy it all over again and the money goes straight to her, is it possible," he asked.

DJ Sbu did not take the accusations lightly and warned the tweep to not stir trouble by spreading misleading information. He claims that Zahara has been getting money from Loliwe.

“Ms Zahara's money has always gone to her my brother. It's disappointing that you continue to spread false information my brother," he claimed.

Zahara got in contact with TshisaLive saying DJ Sbu is lying and there is no such thing as her getting her money. She said she saw that her music got uploaded recently on some digital platforms without her knowledge and that could only mean that somebody is getting paid for her hard work.

“It’s all lies, I haven’t been getting anything since I left the record label, and I saw recently that my music was uploaded on digital platforms without me knowing, which means they sold my records to somebody and it means I need to get a cut for it.”

She even claims to not have spoken to Sbu in well over a year and made several attempts to call him but he never answered her calls. She has even thought of going top court but her pockets are restricting her from doing so.

“When I tried to communicate several times even last year, I tried so many numbers to contact them and no-one answered their phones, I always call them, they don’t care.”

“At the end of the day they know that if I go to court I do not have the resources or the money to fight them because they know they have money. God has given me a gift which nobody can take and I can start afresh like I am doing right now,” she said.

To escalate matters further, Zahara wants DJ Sbu and herself to have a sit-down interview where Sbu answers to her face to face about why he has not paid her. She then calls him a coward.
“DJ Sbu must stop lying. He must be in a studio with me one day somewhere... a TV interview where I say what I say and he says what he says, he must stop lying because he is a coward.

“It doesn’t really matter, me I can always go back to sing for my cows but the truth is the truth, it wouldn’t have escalated like this, they should have just let it go because I’m speaking my truth and it’s the truth, I don't want to hear nobody said nothing, I want DJ Sbu in a TV room with just me and him...where we both say what we want to say,” she told the publication.

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