DJ Sbu Told Where To Get Off

But was he wrong?

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Media personality and businessman Sbusiso Leope popularly know as DJ Sbu's comments about Bitcoin did not sit well with other tweeps.
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He posted a bill on Twitter saying that he wouldn't spend that much money for fun.

"If I was him, I would have stayed home & bought #bitcoin," he wrote.

This did not sit well with some Tweeps, @Lfosa told DJ Sbu that people are allowed to spend their money the way they want to, "But he's not interested in bitcoin, you are. Everyone should spend their money the way they want, I'm sure he has a plan, the same way he had one that brought him to spend that much."

Mogami said the DJ is trying to save himself. "I know how this works. He bought Bitcoin and now he's pushing for more people to buy it so he could make a profit. He knows if it could crash, he will lose. Now he wants people to save him."

@Thizozo_Mokoena: "Wena you are washing ZAHARAS money ka MOFAYA."

DJ Sbu has been dragged for a while now for "owing Zahara." Last week he left jaws dropped after he revealed that Zahara is actually the one who owes TS Records.

He said: "I miss you Bulelwa (Zahara) but what I don't like is when she goes out saying I owe her money because you know that's a lie. If you go down to the books at Universal Music she actually owes us money and she does not even know that."

He said Zahara was paid 50% while she was supposed to get less than that. He also added that when he parted ways with her, she was a millionaire.

"The contract was she was supposed to be getting lesser and the company was supposed to be getting a little bit more."

DJ Sbu also spoke about how he personally helped Zahara, "When I met her she was an up-and-coming artist, nobody knew her. She remembers those two Christmases when nobody was by her side whereby the second time...she was going through the most, nobody was there for her. She was in a hospital, she was going through a liver problem and the doctors said she was drinking alcohol.

These are the things I have been quiet about, I don't wanna share, don't want to speak about because it puts her in a bad light. But I have to say them because these things that are being perpetuated, it's unfair," he said.

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