Zahara Suffers A Painful Ordeal

Who is after the singer?

By  | Apr 25, 2022, 11:01 AM 

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Musician Zahara has reportedly suffered a rather painful ordeal as an intruder broke into her home and stole some of her most prized possessions. According to Drum, the alleged perpetrator stole six of her SAMAs and nothing else.

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Zahara's talent and relevancy in the music industry won her numerous South African Music Awards. Never mind the controversy she gets embroiled in yearly, she is one of the most celebrated artists in Mzansi. But six of her awards got taken away from her and she wants them back.

The singer who was way from her home for the Easter weekend, came back to a home with missing trophies. She said when she came back on the 21st, they were gone but nothing else was stolen. “There was no break-in at the house. Everything was exactly where I found it,“ Zahara told the publication. “The thief did not take anything else besides the six SAMAs and I want them back.” 

Apparently, her gardener was the one who noticed the door slightly opened but he closed it without entering. She says the area in which she lives in is very safe and that she would sometimes sleep with the doors and windows open.

But she knows there are some people who do not like her in the complex she has stayed in for over 10 years. "I know, there are a few people who do not like me in the complex. They have done some strange things in the past, but I don’t want to believe that they would go as far as to get into my premises and take my pride and joy.”

Zahara has reportedly opened a case at the nearest police station.

It's been a while since the muso made headlines. The last time she made headlines was when another drunk video of her went viral. Zahara describes herself as a free person who is a people's person. So even if she has one glass, people think she is drunk or is an alcoholic.

She last addressed the drunk claims on MacG's Podcast And Chill when she said,  "Whoever robbed me, and how many mistakes I made and everything, I don't regret the kindof young woman I am now, it has grown on me and today I know which steps to take or not. It does not mean I am not going to have challenges, I am still going to have problems," she said.

"I did not turn to alcohol, you guys turned me to alcohol. Let me tell you something, you don't even have a picture of me in the club with a glass [in my hand]. They always say 'sources say' so I want to ask who is that source." she said. "What I do in my house, it's not your business...your business is my music. Don't talk about alcohol if I want to drink champagne I will drink it today if I want, it's not your business."

"Don't involve me, it doesn't work for me. Only God works for me."

Her rival DJ Sbu threw Zahara under the bus and said her alcoholism made her develop a liver problem, "When I met her [Zahara] she was an up and coming artist, nobody knew her. She remembers those two Christmases when nobody was by her side whereby the second time...she was going through the most, nobody was there for her.

"She was in hospital, she was going through a liver problem and the doctors said she was drinking alcohol. These are the things I have been quiet about, I don't wanna share, don't want to speak about because it puts her in a bad light. But I have to say them because these things that are being perpetuated [against me] it's unfair," he cries.

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