SAMA's Finally Acknowledge Master KG's Jerusalema

Tweeps are not buying it

By  | Jul 03, 2021, 01:45 PM 

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International DJ Master KG was honoured with a Diamond plaque in France yesterday for his hit song Jerusalema with Nomcebo Zikode.

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Jerusalema made people dance during national lockdown all over the world, it is no wonder it is still receiving awards all over the world.
The South African Music Awards (SAMA) have finally decided to follow suit and award the DJ and Nomcebo for their hard work.

People were still shocked that the awards have not acknowledged the duo despite all the international awards and recognition.

The awards took to Twitter to announce that Master KG is this year's recipient of the International Achievement Award.

They said, "The pandemic may have brought us to our knees, but Jerusalema ft @Nomcebozikode gave us comfort. @MasterKGsa is truly a mastermind for the work he has put in to make the world dance. He’s the recipient of the #SAMA27 International Achievement Award. We see you champ!"
South Africans however did not appreciate what the SAMAs were doing. Tweeps accused them of deliberately snubbing the song last year when it was blowing up and did not acknowledge it or award it for the impact it has had in the world.
@Schwarka said, " 'We see you champ yokunuka' y'all snubbed the song last year and it blew up internationally now y'all wanna repair"

@TidiQuanMams said, "At this point, he's bigger than y'all, you can keep it"
@Pheku3 said, "Surely the song doesn’t qualify anymore according to your rules? 

 @sthabisomalala3 said, "It seems like the is someone making corrections from last year's flops" 
The SAMA’s have also been accused of tribalism because it seems as though they have been acknowledging Limpopo artists, 

@ScanaRostova said, “This is now tribalism by SAMA against Limpopo musicians, it's a declaration of war. The management of this shameful entity must be called out, they must explain in full how the three biggest artists in Monada, Master KG and now Makhadzi did not make their’s a circus"

@intwentlexulu10 said, “When Babes didn't win her SAMA everyone was making fun of her now that they also didn't nominate Master Kg, y’all say its tribalism and y’all right about one thing Master Kg was supposed to be nominated but this has nothing to do with tribalism. Go blame the record labels or SAMAS"

@magnificent_sa1 said, “Kanti how do these awards nominations work? I know I’m not a fan of Makhadzi and Master KG but they’re people’s favourites and that’s something you can’t just ignore, the SAMA’s without those two are not real, and tribalism must fall.”

Last weekend, Master KG was in the news for not fighting for Nomcebo after it was revealed that Open Mic Productions has been overlooking Nomcebo for shows that need her and when people try to book her, Zanda Zakuza has been offered as an alternative to singing Nomcebo's songs.

Master KG was accused of not looking out for Nomcebo's interests. They are saying that it is bad enough that Master KG has been receiving recognition for a song that was not his concept is bad enough but being side-lined for every performance is another thing.

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