Highlights from Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle's emotional #BehindTheStory episode

Pearl and Zinhle get candid about their friendship

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Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle

There are a number of celebrity friendships in the entertainment industry, but one that has stuck out and made headlines the most has been Pearl Thusi and Zinhle 'DJ Zinhle' Jiyane’s friendship and they have become Mzansi’s favourite duo as they have been serving friendship goals on and off the screen.

The long-awaited final episode of MTV Base’s #BehindTheStory with Pearl Thusi and Zinhle Jiyane took us back to the genesis of their friendship and saw them address some of the controversial rumours surrounding their lives.

The Influence of their friendship:

One of the biggest highlights of the show was when the two media personalities got emotional when they were expressing their love for each other, speaking of their most fond memories together and the learnings they had made form their friendship.

“You’ve made me a better sister to my sisters, I looked at the way that you loved and treated me...and it inspired me to change my relationship with my sisters...when I’m at my most broken, you’re there to make me laugh and put me back together, when someone is disrespecting me...you’re there to remind me why I deserve it and that only shows how much value you have in yourself, and everything you know you don’t mind sharing, you are this well of beauty and knowledge and this incredible incredible light…” Thusi gushed.

“You are definitely like a pleasant surprise in my life, even though I feel like I know you so well, you surprise me every day, and I think the biggest surprise for me is how compassionate you are...like towards the kids...and how understanding you are in situations, you don’t judge people, you are always saying: “But babes, what if they’re doing this because of that…” and even though I’ve had to be the voice of reason for those instances as well and had to say: “Yo, can you just chill and put yourself first, because you don’t put yourself first, you’re always extending yourself…” Zinhle said.

DJ Zinhle moving on and getting back with AKA:

Although DJ Zinhle and AKA's recent 'cosy' snap together at the club sparked rumours of them being in a relationship again, Zinhle said that she was not sure whether she was ready to get into another serious relationship, after her split with AKA.

“I’m at a very weird space in my life...a lot of things, especially regarding relationships and love, in that sense...are just not making sense, I’m trying to unlearn a lot of things that I was told as a kid that I learnt from society about being a women and being in a relationship...it’s mid-thirties babe...I can’t even say, just without AKA or Kiernan that I desire to be in a relationship after everything I’ve been through right now in my life, maybe two years or two months from now I’ll change my mind but right now as Zinhle, I don’t have have the desire to be in that kind of relationship with anyone…” the DJ said.

Having a common enemy:

It's no secret that DJ Zinhle’s breakup with AKA was caused by his alleged love affair with, Bonang Matheba, and with Pearl Thusi having been rumoured not to be on good terms with the media personality, social media had concluded their friendship was based on having a 'common enemy' and although Pearl Thusi has been adamant that she felt no need to justify her friendships, DJ Zinhle cleared that rumour saying that Pearl Thusi had always wanted to be friends with her.

“You didn’t get close to me because of this whole Kiernan thing, you’ve been trying to get with me babes...you wanted to conquer me actually, I think people think that we got closer because maybe we had a common enemy…” DJ Zinhle said.


DJ Zinhle’s pregnancy had many fans murmuring about it, not just because they were excited that she was becoming a mother, but also because her ex-boyfriend and now baby daddy, AKA, had reportedly been cheating on her while she was still pregnant. Pearl Thusi commended her for her strength as a mother and coming out of the situation.

“You are such an incredible mother, I think you really don’t give yourself enough credit, I think it was so rocky when you gave birth to her but you still managed to make it happen, she’s such an incredible girl, she is as guarded as you but so loving at the same time…” Thusi said.

This episode got social media raving over their friendship as they broke their silence, slamming the rumours that have been questioning the legitimacy of their friendship.

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