Lady Du Trends Following The Death Of DJ Dimplez

She’s always first to know these things, somehow

By  | Mar 07, 2022, 08:34 AM  | Dudu "Lady D" Khoza  | Drama

Lady Du
The SA entertainment industry is going through a tough time, as yet another hip hop icon, DJ Dimplez, passed on recently. But as the news broke, Mzansi couldn’t help but notice Lady Du standing out yet again with this announcement. 

As the news of DJ Dimplez’s passing hit social media, it was still under a lot of speculation. In the past, there have been numerous times that a celebrity has been said to have died, only for it to turn out to either be a deliberate hoax, or some information was taken out of context, causing unnecessary panic and heartache. 

With this in mind, celebrities and fans alike have taken to being cautious about death announcements. They try not to speak too authoritatively on a celeb’s passing, at least until their family or close friends go on record to confirm it. 
But not Lady Du. According to social media, the Amapiano star always seems to find herself right in the middle of it when a famous person, especially in the music industry, dies. This time was no different. 

One of the first things everyone did upon hearing the rumours, was to go right to DJ Dimplez’s social media pages to confirm the news. But guess who was one of the fastest commenters on his most recent Instagram posts? Lady Du! 
She has been dragged for being hasty and continuing to spread the rumour, and not even giving the family time to confirm the news. 
Further, social media users are now waiting for her to come out with a post saying she spoke with the late DJ the day before he died. Strangely enough, she came out saying she had spoken to Riky Rick just before he died, and she said the same thing about Mpura when he passed.

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Fans are wondering how come she always speaks to people just before they pass, and are lowkey waiting to hear something of the sort from her soon. Some have even accused her of chasing clout using such unfortunate events, which is a rather sad accusation, don’t you think?

The family of the hip hop DJ recently confirmed his untimely passing. He is said to have collapsed during a gig, and rushed to hospital, but he did not make it. The family said that he suffered a sudden brain haemorrhage, and have requested privacy as they try to deal with the unfortunate news. 

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