Emtee Calls Out Bolt For Allegedly Hiring Ex-Convicts

Seems even men are now tired of the app…

By  | May 17, 2023, 09:38 AM  | Emtee  | Drama

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One of the most popular e-commerce lift apps in South Africa is the app formerly known as Taxify, which is now more commonly known as Bolt. Its closest e-commerce lift app is Uber, which was arguably considered the safest one of the two for some time.

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However, nowadays it would seem that predominantly for female riders, both apps came with some risk. More especially, if the rider has not shared their live location with anyone when getting on the ride. As such, it came as no surprise when Emtee became the latest ZAlebs to put these e-commerce lift and food delivery app on blast. 

Emtee calls out Bolt for allegedly hiring ex-convicts

Emtee has been known to use his Twitter account to vent. Whether it is over his former record label Ambitiouz Entertainment, the troubles he is facing in marriage or merely to promote his music. As such, it was not much of a surprise when he took to Twitter to rant about Bolt.

This is as he tagged the app and asked: 
However, as is the standard protocol with the app, the response was the standardised reply, which does not provide much of a resolution but to attempt to reply. As such, this seemed to further incense Emtee as he lashed out again alleging the app knowingly hires ex-convicts and sexual offenders. 
Another artist to recently take to social media to blast Uber this time around was producer-DJ and businessman Shimza. At the time, his grievance were reported as: 

It seems that even our ZAlebs are not exempted from the recent scam conducted by Uber drivers. Specifically, Uber Food drivers. This is as Uber Food will confirm your order, confirm the driver and that they are picking up your meal. 

They will share the driver driving to your location and confirm his arrival. However, upon going to meet your driver to collect your food, you find that they are not there. 

When attempting to call the driver, they ignore your calls. A tell-tale sign that they have driven off with your meal. As Uber does not provide cash refunds and even if they did, they are not immediate. Therefore, your choice is to starve or order food again and decide to either trust the next driver or fetch it yourself. 

This is what almost happened to Shimza with his KFC meal. However, the beauty of staying at an estate, the driver was prevented from exiting the estate when he attempted to drive off with the meal. 

Upon confronting the driver, he lied and asserted that Shimza cancelled the meal while knowing that he could get away with the meal because this was his last trip for the day. 

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