Emtee On 'Ugly' Sneakers

The critics are giving him a hard time

By  | Jul 09, 2020, 08:56 AM  | Emtee  | Drama

Emtee has lived up to his name as 'The Big Hustler' and has released a line of his new sneakers.

Even though his legions of fans are proud of him, he has been met with a lot of negative comments and criticism from people.

Not taking the harsh words and criticism to heart, Emtee surprised many fans with his subtle responses and the way he calmly handled the trolls.

With words such as "trash", "ugly", "crap" and "horrible" used to describe his line of sneakers, the rapper paid them no mind and he might use some of the constructive criticism to improve his kicks.

The Johustleburg rapper told one tweep, "Sorry if you disappointed. Will definitely work on it."

He responded to another one by saying, "Okay. Can u leave me alone now?" when the tweep dissed him by saying his sneakers look horrible and he should go back to the drawing board.

Picture credit: fakazanews.co.za