"He's A Junky, He Needs To Get To Rehab"- Nota

Nota Baloyi opens a can of worms with his tweets about Emtee

By  | May 23, 2022, 07:44 AM  | Emtee  | Drama

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Popular music executive Nota Baloyi on a streak of lashing out at South African celebrities, and rapper Emtee is next on his list.

In a clip that has become viral on social media, Nota reckons that Emtee is talented without a doubt, but he is concerned about his lifestyle. He says he is more concerned about his kids, adding that he cares about the condition of a human being.

"He's a junky, he needs to get to rehab and get clean, sort out his life - he has kids to raise. My biggest fear is that Emtee's kids would pick up Xanax, overdose and die. That's my biggest fear. The same way Jub Jub's son is caught taking his mother's boyfriend's weed to school" he claimed.

Nota went on to say that Emtee has been angry at him ever since he called his parents to intervene on his issues. "I actually care about the condition of the human being. The fans are obsessed with the object of their affection but they can’t see that being eMTee is killing Mthembeni… He’s been mad at me since I called his parents to come & intervene. Literally tried everything to show love!"
The controversial media personality opened a can of worms with his tweets as Emtee has since lashed out at him. The Roll Up hitmaker has accused him of disrespecting him.

Nota went on to say that he won't allow people to destroy the likes of Sizwe Dhlomo and DJ Sbu. "Young black boys have too few role models… We won’t allow you to destroy Sizwe Dhlomo, we won't allow you to destroy DJ Sbu. Black men have had enough now. We don’t deserve to be treated like the scum of the earth, this world was built on our backs, if we stand up it’s game over!"

DJ Sbu has been making headlines after an old video of Zahara accusing him of alleged exploiting has been on high rotation. Nota thinks Zahara is trying to bring DJ Sbu down, because every time she hits rock bottom., she rants about her royalties and alleged that DJ Sbu exploited her.

Nota slammed the Twitter users who wanted to donate money to Zahara, who is at loggerheads with a bank for defaulting on her house’s monthly installments. This follows after a Twitter user named BI Phakathi pleaded with her fans to rally behind Zahara. She set up a virtual fundraising campaign to help save the musician's indebted home.

Nota refused to participate saying: "You want us to buy her drugs? We learnt our lesson with Zola. She must go to rehab & leave DJ Sbu alone!,” he claimed.
In addition, he speculated that Zahara might be receiving drugs from her current label; Warner Music Africa. "I have serious suspicions that someone at Warner Africa has been feeding our AfroPop princess, hard drugs. My suspicions are raised by the strange behavior displayed by said songstress ever since she signed to Warner South Africa. Last week they were having a name change party." he claimed.

"Now we are watching another apparently drug fueled TikTok meltdown & yet DJ Sbu has nothing to do with her career but he’s the one that has to suffer because Zahara abuses substances? I will conduct further investigations to get to the bottom of this. You’ve been WARNED, WARNER," he tweeted.

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