Faith Nketsi Accused Of Being A Sex Worker

Isn't this taking it too far?

By  | Feb 09, 2022, 02:57 PM  | Faith "Queen Twerk" Nketsi  | Drama

Faith Nketsi
You first knew her as Queen Twerk, which is a box that many have struggled to get her out of since she came into the spotlight. And although Faith Nketsi has reinvented herself as a full fledged entertainer, she is now getting accused of being a sex worker, although the reason may surprise you. 

Popular Twitter influencer and Mzansi’s self-crowned King of Black Twitter, @ChrisExcel102, recently took to the platform to share a bunch of hot takes on women who go through life enjoying what is often termed as “pretty privilege”. In hit hot takes, he listed a bunch of things that pretty women sometimes get away with, saying that anyone who does those things should be categorised as a sex worker. 

Among the things he gave as a red flag is those ladies who are invited to attend lavish parties just because they are attractive. He said that most of these women usually have a Gmail address on their Instagram profiles, as the primary means of communication for people to contact them for bookings. 

His post was not targeted at anyone in particular, and was rather meant to sweep far and wide for anyone who matches the description. But the first person that popped into people’s minds was Faith Nketsi, for some reason. 

One fan pointed out that Chris had just described her to a T. Another more resourceful tweep immediately rushed to Instagram to check the model’s profile, and sure enough, she has a Gmail address on there for bookings. And we all know she does do party appearances, where it is not clear what she performs for audiences. 
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It was not all hate though. Faith’s loyal fans were there to defend her. One listed all the things she does, implying that it is insulting for Chris to say all she offers is a pretty face and a hot body. 
And for sure, Faith is not just what she is described as. She is a model, an influencer and an entrepreneur. She is also an event host, so she does more than just “show up” at lavish parties because she is hot. I mean, MC-ing events takes a measure of talent, or at least a charming personality. The fact that her career in that area is still going strong must mean that she is offering something that many people enjoy. 
This is not the first time she is trending for sex-related reasons. Some time back, she was accused of intentionally leaking a “sex tape” of herself and her boyfriend, in an attempt to get clout, kind of like Kim Kardashian is rumoured to have done. 

She defended herself saying there was nothing “sex tape” about what was leaked, and if she would have wanted to leak one, it would have been more steamy than that. Talk about taking control of the situation!
Faith is yet to respond to the slight, though. 

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