Fans React To Elaine Jumping On Amapiano

Is this the beginning of the end?

By  | Oct 16, 2022, 03:12 PM  | Drama

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Elaine is the 2019 R&B sensation who created a classic debut EP titled Elements. At the time she was an independent singer-songwriter without a “major” record label supporting her. As such, the EP garnered her attention as more and more South Africans learned that the “international sounding” EP was actually made by a South African musician.

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Seemingly, the more South Africans found out about Elaine, the more she was supported at the time. So much so, it was a proud day for the county when it was reported that the singing sensation had directly been signed under Columbia Records along other international greats like Beyonce and Adele. 

But slowly, it started to look like Elaine was becoming a one-EP wonder. This is as her last impactful release was the 2021 single Right Now. Since then her releases have arguably not gotten the attention her earlier releases had received. 

Moreover, her ability to sing live has continually been an issue debated on social media. Most recently, the matter again reared it ugly head following her subpar group performance at this year’s Miss South Africa along with Rouge, Boity and Nadia Nakai. 
Recently, Elaine has been releasing singles which have failed to trend or make an impact. The first single was titled Shine, the second was titled Deja Vu and her last and most recent release was on Friday, 7 October 2022 titled Fading Away. All songs which have failed to make any kind of impact on radio or music charts, unless we just do not know about it. It is for this reason that she might have jumped on the current wave of Amapiano. 
Fans react to Elaine jumping on Amapiano
Social media, Twitter to be specific, is not a safe space to share a change in your career path if you are also not sure about the matter. Case in point, Focalistic and Elaine hosted an Instagram live where they shared the new Amapiano single they worked on together. 
The untitled song samples the classic hit by Lebo Mathosa Tsodiyo from her even more iconic album I Love Music. Upon hearing the song, it did not take long for tweeps on the blue app to start sharing their opinions on the song and the change in direction, musically, for Elaine. 
In terms of the song itself, it was consensually agreed that it does not sound like a hit. On the one hand, Focalistic was blamed for this as he is the authority on the sound and should have known better than to share the song. Moreover, there were others who believed that Elaine should have worked with the likes of Amapiano’s Kelvin Momo, who would understand how to best feature Elaine on an Amapaino single. 
Then came to tweeps who speculated on the reason why Elaine would make such a decision as to jump on Amapiano. Unanimously it was believed that she had made the jump due to how her career has flatlined since signing to Columbia Records. This is as she spent a year in the US working on new music which has failed to make an impact. Moreover, it was believed that Elaine herself did not believe on the jump as she herself cannot even dance to her Amapiano upcoming collaboration. 

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