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Gigi returns to Hip Hop

By  | Nov 04, 2021, 04:50 PM  | Gigi Lamayne  | Drama

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Exactly 16 days ago, Gigi Lamayne revealed that she will be calling it quits and has left the Hip Hop industry with it's "conventional ways of doing things." Upon realising how good she really is, Gigi has swallowed her words and returned to the game.

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"Now why would I quit rap when I sound this good?" asked Gigi promoting her latest work with Netflix. "@netflixsa just allowed me the honour of exclusively previewing their new Black Western movie titled “The Harder They Fall” directed by Jeymes Samuel and co- produced by @jayz."

When she left the industry, Gigi said “I am leaving South African Hip Hop, and it’s conventional ways of doing things. I will be experimenting with other genres. King Monada and myself are currently in studio.. a few people from other genres,” she said adding that she wants to expand her brand from just being a rapper.

"I do feel like the Hip Hop situation in South Africa right now is a little toxic in it's own ways, and not to say I am completely detaching from that, but I am definitely going to be in my own lane," she concluded.

Gigi Lamayne announced this after her interview with Kaya FM. This comes just months after Gigi first exposed the SA industry. Gigi shared that she was told she is too dark skinned and ugly to make it in this industry, and it usually the artists with such mentality. "I’ve had to fight since I joined This industry. Your artists Are worse though. They are traitors to the culture . I was apparently too dark and ugly to make it now people wanna smile ? Why?"

She then asked for people's support when she finally decides to expose the industry, "You industry is the pits SA. I hope you’ll support me when it’s all said and done."

Speaking to ZAlebs expanded on her tweets and she said, “It comes with feeling that the industry is quite connection based. We’re superficial in the sense that we’re trying so hard to mimic American culture that we have forgotten how beautiful we are.

"I find it a Sho Madjozi and a Focalistic are the epitome of what South African Hip Hop should look like in terms of their sound. They both rap in their language but most of all, they incorporate the production and the sound into what I feel the standard should be.”

“I’m very angry at the South African industry because we find that talent is not the first thing being pushed now. Like I said, its connection based – who knows who and who is closing doors on who. It’s a very superficial space to be in until you become Indie and have your own team and then collaborate with a major label.”

“If you want to be happy in this industry just follow your rules. Listen to your fans and incorporate what you want to incorporate. Sadly, we live in a time when you don’t even hear the good music anymore because it’s been overshadowed by this influx of wannabe American rappers.” She said. "If you want to be respected in Hip Hop now, you have to be the one who mimics better."

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