King Monada And Makhadzi Reunite

They were even performing Ghanama together

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King Monada and Makhadzi have buried the hatchet and let their beef go after reuniting to perform their hit song Ghanama. The two saw their fall out getting nasty over the ownership of Ghanama, but they let bygones be bygones and performed the song at an ANC Rally.

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In not so many words, King Monada hilariously tweeted, that he and Makhadzi have, "incridiciousgalamont and valgalnarable." He then thanked their fans for their support, "Thanks for the love and support...we love you."

In response to that, Makhadzi sent heart emojis. Fans were left confused by this as he did not specify what he meant. But a video of the two of them performing at an ANC rally clarified a few things. They have let their beef go and are in very good terms. They also hugged each other on stage and looked very happy in the video. We love to see this!

Their hit song Ghanama started all of this. Let us take you back on the events that unfolded.

Firstly, they set the internet ablaze with a live session where they previewed Ghanama to people. They featured Prince Benza on the joint and it was fire.

Fast forward a few days later, Makhadzi went on Facebook live and ranted about Monada's treatment saying he treated her like a dog. "GHANAMA SONG IS MY SONG, MY CONCEPT and MELODIES, Featuring King Monada and PRINCE BENZA ON THE BEATS.. I did a song after recording monadas song called impossible.

"Our king must just drop his song called impossible ft makhadzi.. 'cause we can't let greediness make us fight! How can you own a song without doing anything?

"Our king must do the right thing 'cause I won't allow him to own my work matter the love and respect I have towards him...King must just swallow his pride and give me credit for my work."

Monada hit back at Makhadzi and said it is his song as it was recorded at his studio and owned by his record label. He said there were people who bribed him into giving up the song.

Hitting back, "All the time when I get into the studio with Monada, I come up with the idea of the song. I come up with the melody of the song and what Monada does is come up with the verse after what I have done. At that time I did not have a voice or the power to talk about it because people would say I am bitter, but it was not sitting well with me.

"Even the recording sessions were bad, Monada used to treat me like a dog. I used to skip exams because of him. He would say "wait, we will record tomorrow" and just because I knew what I wanted in this game, I was patient," she explained.

Now at this point, fans were left with a huge question mark wondering what the title of the song will be: Makhadzi ft King Monada and Prince Benza, OR King Monada ft. Makhadzi and Prince Benza?

Alright, after all that was said and done, Makhadzi decided to kick Monada to the curb and excluded him on the song after it was released. It only featured Prince Benza but her fans were not please by this.
But that was not it, Monada also had a few tricks up his own sleeve and re-recorded the song with another female muso from Limpopo, who by the way looked a lot like Makhadzi. He kept her own verses and voice and only added Mukosi, the face.

Now that is not all - Makhadzi confessed that this was all a publicity stunt and it was just to get people amped up about the song's release. "..I would like to inform everyone that me and Monada we are fine we did those live videos for publicity stunt.. and it really worked for our song to be known before the release," she said.
But, this was supposed to be something Monada also said on his social media platform but he did not do that. Making Makhadzi look like an idiot. It was not until a few days later where Makhadzi made it known that it was not a publicity stunt and Monada tricked her.

We are glad they let things go though!

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