Tweeps Are Sick Of Gigi Lamayne's Clout Chasing

"Remember when people used to trend for talent?"

By  | Nov 25, 2021, 08:08 AM  | Gigi Lamayne  | Drama

Image of Gigi Lamayne
Rapper Gigi Lamayne was recently dragged out from a long public silence by influencer Inno Morolong in a cat fight. 

Inno accused the rapper of sleeping with her man, and of going after every man she dates. She also called her dirty and said she should mind her hygiene, and asked her to get in the ring if she wants them to fight. 

The whole saga descended into a nasty online fight, and Gigi even went public to say she would be suing Inno for defamation. She said her lawyers would be following up, and she was demanding an apology or R1 Million from the socialite. 
But now it seems that the two of them have buried the hatchet. They went online in a video featuring both of them and the man they were fighting over. In the video, they shared that they were no longer fighting, as Inno had apologized. 

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Gigi is apparently dropping the lawsuit, and the two are thick as thieves once again. They both took the time to give followers a lecture about how sad it is that in 2021, people still get excited when women fight online. They went as far as to imply that tweeps were only waiting for their downfall, and would not celebrate their gigs as much as their drama. 

But tweeps are having none of it. They are convinced that the entire showdown between the two ladies was a ploy to get some attention. They are absolutely right -- in 2021, women should be trending for more important things than petty catfights. But they are the ones who started it.

Some tweeps have even pointed out that before the two trended online this week, nobody really knew who Inno Morolong was. And now that she has gone viral, it was for the wrong reasons, and they don’t care about her. 
But the saga has been especially disappointing to Gigi fans, as they think she doesn’t need cheap gimmicks to chase clout. But her detractors think that she has been gone from the public eye for a while now, and that this is a pathetic attempt to keep her relevant. 

Interestingly, there is still a group of tweeps who believe that we are yet to see the last of it all. They noticed that the central man - Fermi - exchanged some questionable looks with Gigi. 

If this is in fact an attempt to chase clout, it is rather sad, right? What happened to celebrities trending for their talent or for positive achievements? Why does it have to be about drama?
If it wasn’t for cheap clout, then maybe Inno needs to see a mental health specialist. She mentioned in the video that she sometimes gets worse, which can be concerning. 

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