Gomora: Langa Kills Ntokozo?

That’s the big question on viewers minds

By  | May 11, 2021, 01:02 PM  | Drama

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Our heads are still ringing from the gunshot Langa pulled on his brother Ntokozo in front of his parents at their home in Alex. Last night’s episode of Gomora has been a lot to take in. Following Mam Sonto, Mazet and Ntokozo’s arrest – things have been tense as more and more skeletons are falling out the closet.

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For poor Langa, the knowledge that his grandmother and blood brother were both involved in the tragic passing of his father has been so much for him to take in. And the fact that everyone has been ignoring his cries about how the whole thing is affecting him has started to drive him mad. Attempting to take matters into his own hands, Langa took Mam Sonto’s gun from her Tavern and decided to take the law into his own hands and there’s no need to explain what happened next. As soon as the bullet was unleashed, the dramatic episode came to an end. This has left a big question mark on whether or not the shot actually hit Ntokozo and if he died or got injured.

We will soon find that out this evening. In the meantime, here’s our theory.
From our camp, we haven’t heard anything about Ntokozo or anyone from the cast of Gomora exiting the show. We think the bullet did strike Ntokozo but it didn’t kill him. Chances are that he will end up in the hospital and take some time to recover. This will cause Langa to feel remorseful for his actions and let the past stay in the past. This will set the tone for this new season of the telenovela.

And in terms of Mam Sonto landing in Jail – we highly doubt if it’s something that will happen. Mam Connie Chiume’s character is one of the most loved in the drama, there’s no way they are letting her go. She will probably end up with a few legal charges.

Another exciting addition to the already incredible cast of Gomora is legendary South African actor Israel Zulu. He will come to the fold as Teddy’s biological father as Don. The date for his official debut has not been revealed yet.

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