Gomora: Thati's Secret Is Finally Revealed

Gladys finds out about Langa before Melusi...

By  | Mar 17, 2021, 10:31 AM  | Thembi Seete  | Drama

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Thati is going to be extremely alarmed when she notices how close her son Langa and his biological father, Melusi are getting and she’s going to try to separate them.

We know that Langa is Melusi’s son and only Pretty knew this secret. Zolisa Xaluva who plays Melusi; the principal of Alex High was extremely in-love with Thati (Katlego Danke) when she lived in Gomora ant the two conceived a son before she moved to Sandton and dumped him.
Thati and Melusi will try to rekindle their romance but nothing will come off it as they’ll both realise that their spark died ages ago.
Gladys (Thembi Seete) is going to find out Thati’s secret, that Langa is her husband’s son before Melusi even finds out, according to the teasers. Gladys has always been insecure in her marriage because she’s always suspected that Melusi loves Thati more. Gladys and Thati will square off when she confronts Thati about her secret. Gladys will also push for Melusi to spend more time with Ntokozo as she’s afraid that her son’s relationship with his father will suffer.
She will also be jealous of how intelligent and similar to Melusi, Langa is in comparing with Ntokozo. It seems like the whole family will find out about Langa’s identity before Langa and Melusi in April.
We know that Melusi is a forgiving man and he will eventually forgive Thati from hiding Langa’s identity from him, but will his marriage to Gladys make it when he finds out that Gladys kept the secret too? 
We also know that Ntokozo was extremely insecure and jealous when his parents spent more time with Teddy and seemed to love and adore Teddy more. So now that Langa is Melusi’s son, how will he handle the news? Will he go back to being a criminal or will he open his heart and home to Langa?
It seems like only two people will be happy about this revelation; Langa and Melusi. Langa misses his late dad, Mbongeni and thus spends more time with Melusi because he admires him so much and they have a lot in common. 
It seems like Gladys has grown a lot and won’t be pulling off any fainting stunts when she finds out that Langa is Melusi’s biological son. Fans of the show are also wondering who is older between Langa and Ntokozo as they’re the same age. Melusi unknowingly conceived his boys the same year!

Expect more drama in the Dlamini household when Melusi finds out the truth. 

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