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He’s now a UCT graduate

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A big congratulations to Gomora Mzansi star Ntobeko Sishi who’s now a Finance graduate from the University of Cape Town. Ntobeko shared the exciting news through his social media to a warm reception.

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Unlike most peers in his industry, Sishi values education. Before Gomora, he studied for four years at UCT. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Finance and post-graduate honours in Entrepreneurship. He did it all through his scholarship.

Chatting to us in 2020, the actor revealed that he believes studying finance would help him make an even more positive impact in the entertainment industry. His vision is to ensure that the industry is sustainable for African creatives.

There are a lot of things many would be surprised to know about Ntobeko, like the fact that he’s also a professional singer. In June 2020, he dropped a track about heartbreak which was inspired by Canadian rapper Drake. "It’s a melody that was inspired by a Drake song, and he’s one of my biggest influences. At the time I was going rough a rough break up and I decided to write about it,” he said.

“It is ironic because the point of the song is like you’ve sort of given up on someone but you care so much about the person and you still love them but you acting like you don’t care. Deep down inside you do care, it’s like putting up a front,” he added.

In other exciting news, it’s been announced that Gomora has just been renewed for a second season. In just a year, the drama has made a huge impact and has seen some of its new stars’ bag awards. Producer, Lulu Hela revealed this through Twitter. “Our passion project, #Gomora has been renewed for Season 2!! Grateful to our exceptionally talented and hardworking cast and crew for creating magic every day! Grateful to our fans and supporters, thank you for loving our show as much as we do!!”

Congratulations once more to Ntobeko Sishi on his massive achievement

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Main Picture Credit: Ntobeko Sishi Twitter Account

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