ICYMI: Musa Khawula Is Back

But has he been forgiven?

By  | Sep 24, 2022, 10:20 AM  | Drama

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Musa Khawula, a name that was feared by many media personalities on the Twitter streets due to the pressure he put on their necks. Case in point his last victim, Lulo Cafe, who all but deleted his social media accounts after what is alleged to be his little secret was revealed to the country.

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A fact which resulted in the suspension of his Twitter account, which is arguably thought to be his only bag after details like the state and model of his phone became another trending topic. After the revelation of his suspension on the blue app was revealed. Many ZAlebs breathed a sigh of relief as they believed that they can finally go back to dating in secret and doing other activities, which will not land them on the trending list. 

But the question is, is it real? Or is Musa Khawula back?

ICYMI: Musa Khawula is back 

Following the viral video and subsequent events of Musa Khawula revealing what is alleged to be Lulo Cafe’s dynamite in a small package, Khawula was suspended due to what is stated as “revenge porn.” This is when someone posts or leaks nudes of someone else without their consent. 

A fact, which similarly controversial Twitter account, Ntsiki Mazwai, took to Twitter to question why the revelation of Lulo Cafe’s little package was received differently from when the not so little package of the one and only Prince Kaybee was shared, no one gave messages that leaned towards more condolences rather than props of being “gifted.” 
As such, Khawula’s account was suspended. But as we thought we could relax and our ZAlebs could go about their business. Musa Khawula said, “no, not on my watch.” This is as an alleged back up account came to life following the suspension of the account that was going over 280 000 followers strong. This new account initially had just over 5 000 followers, then 7 000 and now currently sits with over 14 000 followers. 
Is the “new” Musa Khawula giving what he is supposed to give?  
In our opinion, no, this “new” Musa Khawula is not giving as he used to. However, this can be attributed to his decline in recent months. First, it was the fact that his recent sgaxas were giving more cut-and-paste from other sources rather than original and exclusive content. 
Moreover, with the matter of bank balance, condition of the phone he tweets on, and his ongoing murder casse. Khawula was now also open to scrutiny and the type of shade he loved to dish out. 
Additionally, his new scandals are not giving. Whether it is shading Kefilwe Mabote, Minnie Dlamini or the Major League DJz. His current posts are meh to say the least. 
But here is hoping that Khawula can face the full force of the law and be held accountable for his alleged crimes, that his second attempt to rise to notoriety is based on lessons from his past successes and failures. But more importantly, he becomes a better person overall. 

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