Israel Matseke-Zulu Breathes Fire

This follows reports that his leg got amputated

By  | Dec 15, 2021, 08:47 AM  | Israel Matseke Zulu  | Drama

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Former Gomora actor Israel Matseke-Zulu is furious after reports that his leg was recently amputated due to his struggle with gangrene. He got irritated when publications decided to report about it while he wasn't prepared to discuss it.

Speaking to Daily Sun, he said he still not ready to talk about it. He slammed publications for publishing articles about the amputation and asked who gave them the permission to write the story. “I don’t know who gave the people who wrote the story about me the right to. And I know that you guys work in newspapers and you write about famous people and can write what you want, but I wasn’t willing to speak about it and I’m still not willing to speak about it,” said Israel.

“I’m not ready to talk about it yet. I don’t want to lie,” he continued.

 The actor is said to be recovering at his home, after losing his right leg. He recently released a statement to update his fans regarding his health after being inundated with messages from his fans and friends over reports of his illness and subsequent departure from Mzansi Magic's top drama series Gomora.

"It is true that I have been diagnosed with a disease, which severely affected the functioning of my legs making difficult for me to walk properly and function well on set during the filming. It also makes it difficult for me to perform as an artist or throw in those Ghetto Professors dance moves that you know me for when invited to gigs. The growing demands of my job at Gomora made it difficult for me to give my all to the show due to this illness that effectively rendered me semi-crippled," he state

Shortly after that he became a victim of a shocking death hoax. Through his PR team, Israel Zulu laughed off these death rumours and said he is very much alive and recovering at home with his family.

“The rumor of the passing of GP-MaOrange remains that: rumor. They are an annual occurrence without fail. Israel is very much alive, recovering at home with family, and in high spirits. He will be celebrating his birthday on the 28th of December, and maybe those wishing him dead will for once have an opportunity to wish him long life then. He saw the rumor and just laughed it off,” reads the statement.

Opening up about his illness, he said it started as some mild pains which he took as a passing phase. He added that they then made it difficult for him to give his all to the show.

"I love Gomora as a show which I have been close to from its inception, more so that it set up in my hood Alexandra township. At the same time I am the kind of actor who when I do what I like I want to be able to go full force, give it my all," he continued.

He thanked the producers of the show and his fellow actors for understanding and for carrying him until the end, “I appreciate the show producers and fellow actors for their understanding and for carrying me until the end. I apologise to the multitudes of my fans for my exit and hope you continue to support the show, especially the young crop of actors who are really doing their best to make it exciting. I am currently receiving the best medical treatment, and I am in high spirits having passed what I believe to be the worst stage of my situation.

He also thanked everyone for their continued support concerning his health. "I thank everyone for the kind messages and prayers during this time. I thank my family and friends for the support and being by my side. My God and ancestors are working wonder on me. I can assure you, GP-MaOrange will be back very soon! Spirit!”

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