"It’s Time To Arrest Busta 929 Now"

Tweeps are ready to cancel the DJ

By  | Mar 12, 2022, 08:50 AM  | Drama

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Amapiano star Busta 929 is being dragged yet again on Twitter for allegedly hooking up with underage school girls. Tweeps are now calling the Mmapula hitmaker "SA's very own R. Kelly."

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Fans started putting lenses on this whole Busta situation last year after he was accused of partying with 14-year-old teenagers. A few days ago, the DJ got under fire again after his picture with another young girl who according to the Twitter detectives is 17 years old made rounds on social media.
Last year a concerned sister took to Instagram pleading for help. She revealed that her little sister did not come back home after attending an event where Busta was performing. She also alleged that the DJ took her little sister and friends to Sandton after his performance. 

"Saturday my little sis and her friends went to Rooftop Mohlakeng because Busta 929 was performing there, and word is he took them to Sandton. We've been worried sick about them apparently they are even going Live with Busta in the live videos. They are mere 14 years old's can they just come back home," she told Instagram's gossip blog called Hot and Served.

A video of Busta and the girls also emerged and made rounds on social media. In his defense, Busta released a statement claiming that the video was taken out of context.

"Unfortunately the context of the video that is being perpetuated on social media is untrue. The truth is that at the time of the recording of the Instagram Live session the three young women were with myself, my manager, my friend, and my girlfriend. We had been recording music with one of the young ladies."

The statement added that they left with these "young women" because one of them had said that she wanted to work with Busta 929.

"The team and I came across the young women whilst driving back from a night out. Whilst having a conversation with them, one of the young ladies expressed interest in doing music with Busta 929. It is for this reason that we took her and her friends home with us - to make music," read the statement.

He also explained why one of the girls was seen in the video half-naked and only wrapped in a towel on the viral video: "Furthermore because ours is a home studio and we've been recording for over two days, one of the young women went to take a shower at some point. It is for this reason only that she can be seen wearing a towel in the video. I want to assure everybody that nothing sinister was at play here, and everybody who was present can attest to this."

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