Rhythm City Intervenes In Itu Bokaba's 'Harrassment Incident'

She is happy at the way they are attending to the issue

By  | Aug 22, 2020, 10:12 AM  | Itumeleng Bokaba  | Drama

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Just after Itumeleng Bokaba went on a mini-rant on Instagram, Rhythm City intervened and launched their own internal investigation into the matter.

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She was livid at how her parenting skills were questioned and scrutinized just for the way she behaved in public. The mother then urged people to do better when it comes to dictating how women should live.

"So I was slut shamed for twerking on set today , even though it was part of a scene we were shooting, but anyway. Someone said, " wow look at the mother's of today" like really!" she said.

Much to her surprise she shared that Rhythm City has attended to her incident promptly.

Just as she was about lay a complaint about the person, she learned that the producers  have already looked into the matter in a form of an investigation.

"I was pleasantly surprised to find that, despite me laying a formal complaint to the Rhythm City offices, the production managers took it upon themselves to conduct and investigation into the matter.

"This resulted in me receiving an apology and assurance that steps would be taken to correct and educate on this kind of behaviour. To be honest this made feel so taken care of and it reminded me that every workplace should not neglect the importance of creating a positive and SAFE environment for EVERYONE," she wrote on IG.

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