Jackie's New Book To Blow SA Away

"There is so much we are yet to discuss”

By  | Jun 10, 2021, 11:40 AM  | Jackie Phamotse  | Drama

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Award-winning South African author Jackie Phamotse does not rest. The controversial author has just announced that she has a new book on the way titled Liwa. The new book will be available from July 1st 2021.

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“This story will blow you away!” Said the author upon announcing the book. “There is so much we are yet to discuss and celebrate. My heart is full. I’m so proud that we are starting a new chapter. New characters and a wide variety of topics to look into.”

The book will address female killers. She will be signing all books at the official launch. Fans can order copies at any Exclusive Books store / Bargain Books / Book Den or CNA and preorder their copies.

Jackie is one hardworking woman who has no time to rest. In April she announced that she is currently working on the BARE movie with Netflix inspired by her bestselling book series.

She shared the manuscript and revealed that she is working with the renowned Sabelo in the film. She could not share any information regarding auditions.

Phamotse’s name dominated headlines in 2020 following her controversial interview with Gogo when she claimed that some famous and powerful people use dark magic to maintain their rich lifestyles. She came back to address the backlash from the interview in a video that has since been deleted.

"The messages that I've been getting. Guys, please come down and please read my captions. I beg you." She told her followers."I did specifically say it's a taste of what we're going to speak about. So relax, it's going to happen. I'm going to give you all the details when it's time because there's a lot of threats.

"People don't want this to happen. A lot of people are very uncomfortable at this moment and I get it. It's not a nice topic for a lot of people. It's very taboo. It's very close to home for some so stop blowing my DM's up, stop calling and stop texting. I know what I'm doing."

In the IG live, she did with her followers to be a bit more patient as she needed more time to prepare.

"And I always take my time with things and I always prepare with things. So give me a moment. I like being prepared. So let me prepare so that it's an insightful and meaningful conversation. It's an education conversation and also a safe space for the guest. Because the harassment and the bullying is real," she said.

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