Junior De Rocka’s racist accusation backfires

Not everybody is on De Rocka’s side in this matter.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Junior De Rocka  | Drama

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Junior De Rocka started the year on a troublesome note when he called out a businessman for an alleged racist incident. However, not everybody saw the incident in his same light as he did. 

The last few years have seen many racist incidents making their way to social media as victims attempt to use the masses to exact justice on these attackers. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that new year festivities were ruined by a racist tweet (hello Penny Sparrow) and the closing days of 2018 were dominated by the racially-charged exchanges at Clifton beach in Cape Town. 

So, when he felt as if he was the victim of his own racist attack, local DJ, Junior De Rocka took to social media in a bid for support. He tweeted this video of a heated argument with the owner of a Quad Biking rental business in Johannesburg:
Whether he did so to capitalise on social media’s sensitivity to racial clashes remains to be seen, but it’s fair to say that Junior did not receive the response he thought he was entitled to. 

In the video, the named Bruce, appears to be antagonised by De Rocka and his friend who insist that a racially-motivated altercation has just occurred. However, in the absence of evidence that any such exchange took place, social media users quickly homed in on the DJ instead - focusing on how unprofessional he was for being an hour late in the first place.

Instead of taking accountability for his lateness, De Rocka seemed intent on proving the man out to be racist but very few people were fooled by the video. In fact, some people even went as far as apologising to Bruce, the head of the Quad Biking rental, for the racist accusation.

It gets worse… it turns out that Junior De Rocka’s lateness was all of his own doing. Parody account Adv. Barry Roux suggests that he was out drinking with his friends the night before he was meant to collect his rented Quad Bikes.

Do you think Junior De Rocka’s racist claims should be taken seriously?

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