K Naomi on Pearl Modiadie

The starlet has a message for Pearl Modiadie 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | K Naomi  | Drama

K Naomi

The entertainment industry is filled with people who are competing for the same spot and although the pie is big enough for everyone to have a share, more often than not, the people in the entertainment industry do not get along. 

Many a time, we hear stories of 'it girls' fighting and not getting along, over the years, we have seen the media and some of South Africa's most famous perpetuate the stereotype and it is nice to see stars who are going against the grain. Taking to Instagram, K Naomi sent Pearl Modiadie the sweetest message, labelling her 'one of the most amazing females in the industry':

"I’m literally standing next to one of the most amazing females I’ve got to know during my journey in the industry. Beyond just being incredible at her work she’s such an amazing soul. Believe it or not I’ve looked up to you and still do...
@pearlmodiadie don’t ever change, the world needs more woman like you!♥️
It’s always good to see you...and to see you rise above the hurdles that us woman are afraid to speak of. So much love for you!" the message read in part. 

This past week, K Naomi took to her Instagram stories to gush about her childhood idol, Kelly Rowland liking some of her pictures on Instagram. 

“Growing up I always chose to be Kelly Rowland in Destiny’s Child. It’s exciting that you liked my pics but I’ve followed your journey and you are a reminder that it’s ok to stay in your own lane and to go through hardships...because they only conclude to happiness. Beyond everything admire your poise throughout your career,” she wrote.


Main image credit: instagram.com/@knaomin