K.O On His Private Love Life

The rapper does not want people to know who he is dating

By  | Jan 24, 2023, 12:07 PM  | K. O  | Drama

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Rapper K.O was a recent guest on L-Tido's self titled podcast where he spoke about his career during his Teargas days and present, the haters, other rappers, Andrew Tate, his song SETE and Song of the year for 2022, as well as his dating life.

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K.O is arguably one of the few celebrities we have in Mzansi who keep their private lives sacred and away from the public. A few celebs have mastered the art of being inaccessible and letting their work speak for themselves instead of being involved in some drama week-in, week-out.

For K.O, not one fan can name who he is currently seeing or who he dated before the current one, because he believes in keeping your life very private. He told L-Tido that people can simply not ruin what they do not know.

“People can't ruin sh*t they don’t know. It’s that simple for me. I don’t need to post a lot of sh*t that is personal to me because I just want to protect my energy," he told the host.

He then added that he is a rapper so people will only know about his craft and that is it, “I’m a rapper, you’re gonna know about these raps and you’re gonna know about these records I’m putting out. You don’t have to know about where I lay my head, like its none of your f***ing business.”

The only time K.O was linked to romance, was when he and Shekinnah sparked romance rumours. This was because they were spotted together on several occasions but he quickly poured cold water to those claims.

“Wow. The audacity to peddle a complete lie, this is so low. I made a song with Shekhinah years ago but last night was actually my very first time meeting her in person at Altitude. That’s all there was, nothing to see here. Have a good day,” he wrote.

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Another celebrity who is dating but we will never know about it (yet) is Bonang Matheba who said she has made the mistake of letting people know about her past relationships and they have never worked because of that.  "I am dating but you guys would judge him so I can't show his face," Bonang said and later revealed that she posts him on close friends only.

She also discussed this with Drum magazine, and said her bae is American. “I have been dating my American guy for about a year and four months now,” revealed the TV presenter. “But I just feel, the last time I introduced someone to my fans and followers, things just went pear-shaped.

“Showing my relationships has never benefited me in any way. It has brought me worse than good, and I learned that the hard way. I feel like I make more money when people don’t know who I am dating. But I am happy in this relationship. You can see my happiness in my glow and I am not short of anything,” she continued.

She then said her relationship is official even though it is not Instagram official, “Just because it’s not on Instagram, doesn’t mean it’s not happened. My fans don’t love it when I keep secrets, but I have been burned in the past and I am being careful.”

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