Kabza Involved In A Brawl

This is not the first time

By  | Mar 23, 2022, 12:13 PM  | Kabza De Small  | Drama

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Kabza has been involved in yet another brawl this time it was with a fan at a recent gig. The Amapiano DJ was performing in Botswana and judging  by his fans reactions, they loved every second of it. But it was one particular moment where Kabza almost attacked a fan which left a bitter taste in people's mouths.

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A clip was shared by a tweep and in it you can see two people having a verbal altercation and Kabza looking at them with a very angry look on his face. Kabza then drops his head phones and rushes to one partygoer almost charging at him.

This is not the first time Kabza was involved in a similar predicament as a fan exposed him and his team for injuring him last year. A forex trader by the name of Stylish Keys, alleged that Kabza De Small and his bouncers attacked a friend of his and injured his face. Not only that but he alleges that during the assault they damaged his perfume stock work R7000 each.

Stylish Keys then who promised to avenge their friend who got assaulted and warned Kabza of what's coming to him saying he messed with the wrong people. "@Kabelomotha you've messed with the wrong people mfanaka (my boy), you'll get what's coming for you!! You think you're the only one that has money. lets see my boy," he warned.

He also alleged that Kabza damaged perfume stock worth R7000 and a Stacy worth R50 000 as well as their car papers. He then threatened to open a case at the police station, "let's meet tomorrow at the station with a solid docket for you, let's see what your money can do now," he wrote.

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Kabza is taking Amapiano to the world and is doing a great job at it. Explaining how the sound came about, he told Oskido that there were people already working on the sound of the Yanos and he jumped on the bandwagon. It was only him and a few others who succeeded and pioneered the genre. 

"You know how Amapiano started? The township DJs play a song with 125 beats per minute [BPM]. Then you would find other DJ's play the same beat at 115 BPM," he explained, adding that they would also often make mixtapes with a slower tempo.

He said other producers then started making music with a slower tempo. "First it was remixes then Mdu came up. I don't know what happened, I don't know how he figured out the log drum. Amapiano has always been there but he's the one who came up with Log drum," explained Kabza.

"These boys like experimenting, they always check out new plug in's. So when Mdu figured it out, he ran with it. And when I got it, I jumped on the bandwagon." He then added that, "Amapiano music is mainly Log Drum."

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