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The self proclaimed King Of Amapiano, Kabza De Small is working on a new genre that sees traditional Maskandi music, fused with the ever-so-popular Amapiano.

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Music is a forever evolving art and thanks to pioneers like Kabza De Small, Mzansi witnessed the growth of Amapiano. Almost every song played on radio and television, is Amapiano and now Kabza decided it's time to take it up a notch.

He has introduced the new sound to his eager followers and has teamed up with a Maskandi artist to create the song. His fans are already loving it and cannot wait till he releases it.
Tweeps are not convinced though and said Kabza is stealing another artists wave. MFR Souls apparently started the trend of fusing the two distinct genres together and they already have given it a name, "SkandiYano." Others argue that it was De Mthuda who started it and also gave it a name.

The fight to figure out who started the Amapiano genre has been heating up. But many are fighting to be the one who is known to carry the genre.

Prince Kaybee encouraged the artists to film the growth of the genre so people know and understand the culture. But he also told those who jump shipped from their own genres to Amapiano to take the back seat, taking aim at Maphorisa.

"The Amapiano cats should compile a Netflix special outlining the culture and its roots. And please the artists that left their genres to jump on the Amapiano wagon must not be in this, LET THE KIDS TELL THEIR STORY," he tweeted.

Phori defended himself saying he started doing Amapiano way before Kabza and him worked together. His first song was apparently in 2017, "2017 (I) dropped my first Amapiano song, and it was not with Kabza been at it. I invested my life with Amapiano almost 5 years don't come with (that) bull**it," he warned.

"Amapiano name came as a diss, don't be mad now or be frustrated cause you can't chart anymore, you didn’t see it coming. We paid attention to the streets an the culture now its paying us. THANKS SAUTA. Don't be arrogant be humble and listen to the KIDS, you getting old don't forgot,"
he clapped back.

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