Kamo Mphela: "I'm Still About To F**k Ya'll Up"

She issued a scathing message to her haters

By  | Jan 05, 2021, 03:58 PM  | Kamo Mphela  | Drama

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2020 unearthed some of the best talents and Kamo Mphela is without a doubt one of them. With fame comes the unneeded attention from trolls and Kamo is always subjected to bullying but has always stayed silent. Kamo is known as the girl with many faces on social media because every single picture she posts, she looks totally different.

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Recently the Amapiano vocalist and dancer posted a picture of herself heavily drenched in make-up. This caused many of her followers to not recognise her at all, giving trolls the leeway to bully her.

Some of the comments read:

@tsakaneee; "Now I believe that Kamo Mphela is a group of dancers."

@NgeniDenzel; "Uhm guys which kamo mphela is trending?? The beef, the chikini, the cheese or the manikiniki?"

@MBabyBoii; "Kamo Mphela tsotsi that one, today Rihanna tomorrow Cyril."

@Ayaprow_BigFun; "Kamo Mphela can Do several heists and still walk amongst us at this rate."

@Khani_hlahla; "I'm now convinced I've met kamo Mphela before but I didn't notice....her face changes every 2weeks."

In response to the trolling, Kamo promised her haters that she will still be giving them heart palpitations, implying that 2021 will be a fruitful year for her. "Drag me , sling shot me , cleanse your hearts because I'm still about to fuck y’all up."
This is the picture that had the internet shook:

During her interview with Mac G, Kamo revealed quiet a few intricate details about herself, some of which were very jaw dropping. When asked about her relationships, the star said that she's still a virgin. Touching on the type of guy she'd date, she revealed that she is into F...k boys. "I don't have a specific type. I like dangerous guys."

On her career, Kamo Mphela said that she wants to most out of her fame because it doesn't last very long. That also includes mizing the haters; "The fame doesn't last that long so you have to make the most of it while you still have time. That's what people don't understand. It's not a lifetime thing unless you are legendary." She adds

"Cassper is still the biggest artist but he still has to convince people that he is the best. I don't want to go through that personally. There's only so much you can do in your own country. Fill Up was the biggest so what's next? It's easy to get to the top but it's hard to stay there."

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