Keke Mphuthi Hates Grief

It has been hard for her

By  | Sep 09, 2021, 12:03 PM  | Keke Mphuthi  | Drama

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Actress Keke Mphuthi has been going through some emotions as of late and we understand, 2021 has been hard on everyone, she is human after all.

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Keke took to her Instagram stories to share her emotions on grief. She said, "Grief is weird...I really don't like it and I'm bad at pretending (weird right?) I miss her so much lately, it's been crazy but i also see her working on me, she's doing the most from the other even cries differently. It's so silent"

Keke is however grateful for the support structure she has because we assume without that structure, sis would be falling apart which is of course normal.

This comes after Keke decided to spoil her man rotten courtesy of his birthday, just under two weeks ago.

In a series of Instagram posts, Keke showered her man with love. She said she is grateful for him.

"To the coolest dad, My BESTFRIEND, a great son, protective brother & strict boss & most importantly my prayer buddy through it all. Happy birthday to you MONNA WAME keo rata ka pelo yaka kao fela . You chose to love me through it all n for that I’m forever grateful for this experience and abundance. Today ke kopa Molimo le balimo ba re fe bophelo for 60more years re godise bana ka lerato.

The couple jetted off to Cape Town in matching tracksuits. Keke said she has a lot planned for him.

"Hello CAPE TOWN!!! Issa parday today bathong…. Baby never expected what’s about to happen. The way this man carries me in his spirit, the way he protects me IVE NEVER FELT ANYTHING CLOSE TO THIS. God, I’m grateful and this is my gratitude of appreciation."

"My thing is this… you make my heart skip a beat … A HEALTHY BEAT. Tonight’s mini-movie is just a sample of so much more to come BESTIE…FYI he was so smitten when I came home with matching tracksuits tsa @adidasza kante siya hamba babes first question was “HOW THOUGH Mosadi wame? how did you pull this one off” All Papa had to do was just get on that plane the rest was history. I said to him: 'do you know my name san' "

We most definitely love seeing such things and love is forever going to win. We love the couple and cannot wait to see more of their love blossom. They deserve it.

Another ZAlebs that has had it hard with Grief is Nomzamo Mbatha who lost a mother figure two months ago.

Nomzamo took to Instagram to pen her grief. She said, "I don’t want to hear 'it is the will of God...' because my question then is how dare that will not consider me. I also don’t want to hear 'you’re going to get through this...'because it’s simple, 'This' is not the thing I wish to 'get through'...

"I have been reeling with grief since the day after my birthday...a full week living in a world where she does not exist in the can it be. See this love of mine taught me the power in forgiving, in loving people with utmost kindness, being a soft landing for anyone who needs it and loving on the basis of it being unconditional. She made me feel safe in this world... This one hurts.

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