Khanyi Defends Pearl Thusi?

The icon adds in her view on Colourism

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Khanyi Mbau  | Drama

Last week, Twitter was set alight yet again when Pearl Thusi brought up the issue of Colourism. The timeline was on fire with people coming in to share their own experience and opinion on the social issue. Pearl has since apologized for her selective viewpoint and the people moved on.

But that doesn't mean the chat is over. Iconic Actress and TV personality Khanyi Mbau has weighed in on Pearl Thusi's tweets after seeing the heated twar with Bonnie Mbuli. Khanyi Mbau took the opportunity to add her opinion to the trending topic.

In an interview with eENA, Khanyi made sure to acknowledge the plight of darker talent. "If you are dark skinned, you need to work harder to make yourself stand out and unfortunately that is the business," she said.

In Pearl Thusi's defence, Khanyi explains that she sees where she was coming from but notes that Pearl couldn't articulate what she was trying to say. "She wants serious roles where people can take her seriously and get into movies where she can get a meaty role," explains Khanyi. "But if you are serious about your craft, you will actually work yourself into that role", Khanyi continued. 

Khanyi is no stranger to haters. She recently made a big splash clapping back for her skin lightening. Khanyi admitted that 90% of her appearance is clinically enhanced today. 

Khanyi got very blunt with her opinion. "In entertainment, it is about looks!... In our industry if you want to succeed, you need to look a certain part..." explained Khanyi. "Let entertainers do what they do... if you need to make your nose straighter, then that's what we do because we work with aesthetic companies and we need to look the part" she added. 

Watch the full interview below:
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