Khanyi Mbau could have saved Cardi B

Khanyi should have told her…

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Khanyi Mbau  | Drama

If there’s anybody who knows how painful break-ups can be, it’s Khanyi Mbau. The star went through a painful split this year (before reuniting with her boyfriend - love wins!) and we’re certain she can relate to Cardi B, who just left her boyfriend, rapper Offset. 

The Abomama actress couldn’t resist a moment to prove that she was right about something: the fact that owning his and hers Lamborghinis was always going to be a bad idea. Let’s back track a little. 

Back when Cardi B and Offset were happily in love, they decided to bless themselves with matching luxury cars and they wasted no time in gloating about it on the internet. However, Khanyi knows what it takes to own/rent such an expensive vehicle; after all, she had/rented her own Lambo back in 2009. So, this was nothing particularly new or impressive to her. 

In fact, way back when, she even wondered aloud if she should warn Cardi about what it’s really like to own/rent a Lambo and the consequences of having such a vehicle. 
Fast forward to December 2018, and it’s now official that Cardi B and Offset are no longer an item. The Money rapper confirmed the news on Instagram prompting a response from the rest of the world, including from Khanyi, who felt as if she should have warned Cardi after all.
Do you think that Khanyi's wisdom could have helped Cardi B avoid heartbreak? 

Main image credit: Instagram/@mbaureloaded