Khanyi Mbau Is Heartbroken

She wants an explanation

By  | Aug 28, 2021, 05:16 PM  | Khanyi Mbau  | Drama

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Youtuber and reality television star Lasizwe Dambuza has found himself at the burning end of the stick on Twitter. Tweeps have been demanding answers about the R2 million that was raised to help students struggling to pay for their studies. Dambuza released an official statement and expressed his disappointment at how his fellow South Africans have handled the whole thing.

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His sister, Khanyi Mbau responded to him and said that this breaks her heart because she knows Lasizwe was coming from a good place. She also asked Fundi to please explain what happened to the funds. “This breaks my heart, not only because you are my brother but how we a good gesture could turn so bad and we forget the intention behind Lasizwe starting this.” She said. Funda can we please get an explanation for on this unfortunate case affecting the nation.”

In his live video, he thanked everyone who contributed and said that without the contributions they would have not raised the R2 million. He then added that he and his team are not crown funders. Hence they partnered with an organization called Fundi.

“Hello to everyone watching. This is the last time I address this and talk about this. First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the R10 goes a long way initiative. If it wasn’t for your contributions, we wouldn’t have raised R2 million. Second of all, myself and my team members, we are not crowd funders. We have never done crowdfunding before. It’s our first time and due to it being our first time – we said we do not want to make any mistakes.
We said you know what? Let’s partner up with an organization called Fundi because they have access to Universities. They have access to see which students have registered.”
He explained in part.

According to the statement, all the funds were transferred to Fundi’s account and some companies are still awaiting tax clearance.

“We transferred all the money to Fundi’s account. And even some companies were still waiting for tax clearance and those companies were told to transfer that money to Fundi’s account. Fundi will administer everything. It brings me to this point… Actually why those students who benefited from the initiative are so quiet? Why are you quiet? You guys are seeing there’s fire, people are fighting and you guys are quiet. Can all the students who benefited from this initiative stand up and say that ‘my registration got paid?’” He added.

Concluding his video, he expressed his disappointment and said that South Africans don’t appreciate their efforts.

“It gets me to this point where I’m about to say that South Africans don’t have a ‘Thank You.’ We don’t appreciate. Yes, to a certain point I understand why we don’t have a thank you because we live in a country filled with corruption but we are all not like that.”

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