Khanyi Mbau Says Musa Khawula Is The Next Big Thing

Mbau gives Khawula his flowers

By  | Feb 21, 2023, 01:34 PM  | Khanyi Mbau  | Drama

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Khanyi Mbau has given popular gossip blogger Musa Khawula his flowers. He might be every celebrities worst nightmare, but for Khanyi, she sees something  authentic in him and his new YouTube show The Pope Of Pop Culture.

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Musa Khawula used to shake the internet with his saucy tweets exposing some of your favourite celebrities' dirty laundry. Whether the juice was factual or not, he always managed to tweet what he wants to tweet, and cause a stir in the process. Till one day his content became a bit too juicy, his Twitter account got suspended.

His fans opened a parody account which is growing in numbers. He saw a more lucrative opportunity and opened a YouTube channel where he delivers the juice and add his spicy commentary.

Khanyi Mbau thinks this is a good move and added that Musa is going places with his channel. Some call him the next Wendy Williams because they possess the same qualities, but Khanyi thinks he is at the level of The Real Gobhoza if not better!

"Musa Khawula has created something here. His show on YouTube is hecticlu authentic. It's how he throws the cap for me!" exclaimed Mbau.

"Original," she continues. "Congrats to him and his team. Nothing fresher since The Real Goboza or the Phat Joe show!" she added clapping emojis as well.

Musa Khawula has gotten himself in trouble a lot of times. He recently unsavoury comments about Anele Mdoda and her son, Alakhe.

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“So anyway we just going to move on and talk about Anele Mdoda’s son Alakhe right, I don’t like that f***ing child by the way," he said.

“So anyway, Alakhe is nominated for the Kids Nickelodeon Awards whatever... I don’t give a sh** about this child and the mother, that fat a** mother. I am like ‘we just going to move on’..." he continued. n

“Anyway congratulations to Alakhe, obviously he is going to win because you know why, he’s been spending a lot of time with Trevor Noah and Sizwe and what not, and I know that you guys will be voting so congratulations to this f***ed up child, we just going to move on, and we don’t give a sh** right,” he said rubbing salt to the wound.

The one celeb he does not care for though is Lerato Kganyago who she claimed had a hand in her miscarriage.

"So you sitting there really making all this up because you KNOW the heat from the police is on YOU? Pending cases got you worked up NOW! I’ve rattled you, and WONT STOP! You going to JAIL! You made my life HELL in 2013. You pushed a narrative about me many years ago! NOT TODAY," she tweeted.

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