“The Editors Are Very Messy” - Khanyi Mbau

The Queen of Bling responds to backlash over “Young, Famous & African”

By  | May 21, 2023, 11:55 AM  | Khanyi Mbau  | Drama

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With the weekend now in its final hours, it seems that most of the general public have now gotten to see the second and much anticipated season of the Netflix original reality show Young, Famous & African. Arguably one of the cast members to receive backlash following this season is none other than Khanyi Mbau.

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Primarily, it seems that the backlash has stemmed from the manner in which she received new incomer Bonang Matheba. As reported before: 

…While the viewing audience might have been excited to mark the introduction of Queen B* to the world of the series.

It would seem that the rest of the cast was not as happy to see her. Whether as it was suspected, Nadia Nakai who shares an ex with Matheba, or the rest of the cast. Even Khanyi Mbau surprisingly did not like the introduction of Matheba. A fact which has resulted in the narrative that Khanyi might have been jealous of Bonang.
However, it seems that this was the only action that had audiences coming at Khanyi. As such, the original queen of bling saw it fit to take to social media to address the backlash. 

“The editors are very messy…” - Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi bow on the reality show was initially touted as the glue that keeps the “family” together. However, in this new season she was seen as more of the mean girl who was intimidated by the other female cast members who did not look up to her for guidance. 

Whether it was Bonang Matheba, Zari the Boss Lady or Annie Idibia. Moreover, the fact that she was behind the drama between Luis and Swank Jerry over the surrogacy matter. It seemed that no one was spared from her tongue lashings and side comments, which she could not bring herself to say to their faces.
However, in a lengthy post on Instagram, Khanyi addressed the matter suggesting that this portrayal of her was not doing her any justice. As such, she wrote:

I finally saw Young, Famous & African. Contrary to popular belief, we do not see the show till it is released to the public, so we are essentially just as surprised as the public. 

It was a very hard and painful watch for me. It triggered me so much. During filming I was not well, I was diagnosed with burn out M.E. in February, meaning I have been struggling for 14 months during production.

Subsequently, Khanyi seemed to blame the manner in which she was portrayed to the editors of the show. As such, she wrote: 

The editors are messy and very spicy… Reality TV neh…

Sadly the editor made me the villain again! Editing out pivotal moments that give clarity, and deleting real scenes that shared the visuals of my real world, eg, our children.  The cuts and pastes of the scenes and the order is completely wrong and made to fit a certain narrative.

I let things slide last season, treated it as show business but my kind nature is setting me up for failure in a very bad way.

Lastly, she made it clear that she would be returning for a third season, if there was a third season of the show.

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