King Monada's Mansion Brings Him Legal Drama

More drama follows the singer

By  | Mar 30, 2022, 01:36 PM  | King Monada  | Drama

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King Monada's mansion is already giving him more drama than he might have anticipated. According to Daily Sun, a builder who did some work on the singer's mansion, is looking to sue him for not paying the full amount they agreed on.

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Monada's multi million Rand mansion, is sort of like a symbol of his hard work. It is a testament to anybody out there that dreams do come true. But even the wealthy cannot escape drama.

The publication reports that a man by the name of Thabo Maake will take matters legally when it comes to Monada as he allegedly did not pay him an amount they agreed upon.

Thabo was contracted to build balustrades on Monada's balcony and also do the stairs and that totaled R81 470. However he ended up allegedly getting paid R29 000. Now, Thabo wants the remaining R52 470.

Thabo claimed to have done this said work on February but could not finish it because of the small payment. He was headed to Gauteng to get glasses to finish the work but because he got paid the amount he claims, they had a little argument.

To his shock when Monada had the house warming, he saw that the work he started was completed by other builders already and was livid.

But he does not care about any of that, and said he wants his money.

Thabo then sent a letter of demand which was ignored, now it's gear 6. Monada will be taken to court.

Monad has his house warming party which was attended by some ZAlebs including Makhadzi on March 5.

He was left in awe over his rags to riches story and is proud of how far he has come. "There have been hard days, and there have been some challenges in my life, but I now look back at those days and feel so proud for never giving up on myself," he wrote.

Just yesterday we reported that Monada slapped a fan in full view of everyone while he was performing at a gig. The fan tried to grab Monada's crotch but got slapped instead.

This wouldn't be the first time Monada gets dragged to court as his baby mama did that. The maintenance court drama was due to their disagreement over the amount of money he is to give to her each month for their 11-year-old child.

It is alleged that his baby mama Sharon Masia wanted Monada to increase pap geld from R500 to R1200.

“I was getting this fund when I was a student at the Tshwane University of Technology, but because I finished last year and I’m now unemployed, the amount he gives me is no longer enough to support our child,” she was quoted as saying.

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