Kwesta In Hot Water After Proposal To Wife, Yolanda

Real question is who is Nthabiseng?

By  | Jun 25, 2022, 07:13 AM  | Kwesta  | Drama

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Kwesta has always managed to make the headlines which surround him about his music. A fact which has meant that when he is not promoting a new single or album, the rapper is usually not making headlines, unless fighting claims of being broke. More so in recent years after the rapper changed his public persona to more of a family man rather than just another rapper living his best life based on the fame and acclaim he has garnered throughout the years. A fact which has changed with the latest scandal to rock his “good guy, family guy” image.

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A look back at when Kwesta changed his public persona

By 2019, Kwesta had worked his way into the Upper Echelon of the rapper game. Cementing his name as one of greats with hits like Ngud and Spirit. Therefore, it came as a surprise when in July 2019 news of the rapper announcing that he will no longer be performing at clubs made the rounds. While it did come as a surprise, many applauded the rapper, especially when it was believed that the decision was due to him wanting to be a better family man.  

A fact he supported with the release of arguably his last impactful hit, Khethile Khethile, featuring Makwa. A song which was dedicated to his then long-term girlfriend and baby mama, Yolanda Vilakazi. A song which was supported with visuals of the couple's white and traditional wedding. For outsiders looking in, it all seemed rosy, until the work of the now infamous Twitter account Musa Khawula

Kwesta in hot water after proposal to wife Yolanda

It started on Friday, 24 June 2022. While most were happy for the beginning of the pay-day roll out. Yolanda Vilakazi took to Instagram to share that she had said, “yes, again,” to her husband when he asked for her hand in marriage. A fact which surprised many considering that the couple established that they were married in 2019. But all it took was Yolanda explaining that the proposal was the one she never got. In her last story, she revealed that she was already missing “her man.” 
A fact which she might have not wanted to reveal as Musa Khawula came with the tea when he introduced Nthabiseng to the world. A woman believed to be Kwesta’s “side.”

Who is Nthabiseng? 

Cheating scandals in South African entertainment are a dime a dozen. But we never expected that Kwesta would be revealed as just another “indonda will cheat” allegedly. This is as just as news of his romantic proposal to Yolanda, Musa Khawula revealed in a series of posts how Kwesta is not only allegedly cheating, but has a whole girlfriend on the side by the name of Nthabiseng. Never the one to have an allegedly because of receipts, Khawula not only shared the allegations but provided what looks like proof on our side as onlookers. 
In light of the allegations, Tweeps took to the timeline to share their mixed reactions to news that their favourite family guy was maybe not so squeaky clean. But the real question in all of this, is what is Yolanda going to say?

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